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Rinse n repeat

Can you tell I'm bout to start itching for some Spring! I am about to start counting down but I know how fickle March can be. Once upon a time it snowed on the first day of Spring so since then...I put nothing pass mama nature. This post will serve as a rewind for my #RedLipsOfLove series for the week. I've been holding true to my word n staying committed to challenging myself to do this. I had came up with this concept late last year as another way to practice consistency. I had already showed myself in 2021 that I could post once a week here-GO ME!! Becuz I had some last minute schedule conflicts aka went into the office when I didn't intend to, lol, I still tossed on my lips. I've done some repeats tho (mainly stains) which was the closest to grab. In case u missed it...ReeeeeWiiiiiind....

We are 11 days in and I'll be looking for more reds in my stash. I'll also start mixing some shades as well but just heads up...For ValenTimes Day, it's gonna be a pink lip in celebration of loooove (and its my favorite color). Now feel free to play catch up:

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