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Red Lips of Love: So umm...about that

Day 4: Sephora Collection Always Red (01)

So BOOM check it...if you were here yesterday, ur prolly thinking...wait...she wore this yesterday! I promise u ur not stuck in time and today IS Friday. Last night while I was looking for my next #RedLippie I came across this shade n thought hmm...this is REALLY red n quickly realized...

Yesterday I had totally worn Mandarin Muse (10) thinking it was Always Red (01) and I will be editing the previous post to reflect such, nonetheless...the review still stands as far as the quality n wear of it all. Sephora's lip stain collection is pretty consistent with being long-lasting and fully pigmented with little effort. Unfortunately, Mandarin Muse is no longer available which sucks cuz I was definitely gonna get a fresh bottle.

But this Always Red...

This is by far THE classic red shade that looks beautiful on EVERYONE! Like I've never not seen someone gorgeous in this shade. I would look at this like a default red. I feel like a lady in this one and it's the red that goes with EVERYTHING! You just can't go wrong with this one. I have a few shades that are in this ballpark but they're not stains. I purposely leave it on even as I lounge around the house to test the wear on it but it also does something to my ego as I feel amazing doing nothing on the couch haha!! What do ya think?? Is there a classic red u can't go wrong with?

Note: On the weekends I'll pause my postings and resume for the Weekend Wrap Up to include my #RedLipsOfLove

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