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Red Lips of Love: Nars Dragon Girl

Day 2: NARS Dragon Girl

I dragged this one from the stash after being reminded on IG (Thanx Shalandra) and it instantly took me back to my love for makeup. I would spend hours in Sephora swatching and chatting it up with the MUA's throughout the store. NARS was my intro into makeup (Lovejoy blush to be exact) and back in the day the lippies from this line to have was the infamous Train Bleu and THIS...Dragon Girl.

I am beginning to see the trend of my love for mattes in this shade. It's such a vibrant red where no liner is needed and it dries down comfortably.This WILL last all day, it just wasn't budging. I had to use some lip oil to remove it. I like how the application of the crayon is easier to apply than traditional lipstick and if I ever wear it down...I have the NARS pencil sharpener lol. It comes in handy!! I am glad I dusted this off.

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