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Red Lips of Love: Chanel Coco Bloom

Day 8: Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom Lipstick in Blossom (130)

I am a lover of luxury makeup with a balance. Not EVERY thing in my stash is higher end but I do like to splurge here n there. I've been doin so many red stains, I wanted to switch the finish n use something lighter n gentler. Since I was pretty much home all day, I could luxuriate around n not worry bout a mask smearing anything.

This applied butter actually. I can't attest to the moisturizing component cuz my lips stay smeared in Laneige Lip Mask so I don't rely on my lipsticks for that aspect. I can only describe the wear of this lippie on how it made me feeeeeel. I felt like a goddess! I love how it glided across my lips leaving a perfect shine...not that lip smacker rollerball shine. This is a grown woman shine! Although u would need to reapply to keep the glare on these heaux, even if u let it be; you'll get some longevity out of it. This will prolly be used the most in warmer months. You can do such a quick face with this shade n look so done up! Even if u are in the house...there's no waste of product. I am actually loving the idea of wearing lipstick even in the house being a homebody...hmmm...

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