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Essentials to Spring Forward

This posted started off with the intentions of bringing Spring Trends as I notice what we are repeating (cargos) n what's fading away (stilettos) with what I bet not catch yall in (short Daisy Dukes short) but also what I'm keeping alive (wide legs) becuz I'm not a trendy shopper but I do incorporate current styles within my dress codes throughout the seasons. I'm not center stage so I don't feel the need to walk around with ready to wear runway looks. I'm just a regular degular mom with a full time job who enjoys errand runs on the weekends n Saturday Sip Trips to decompress my week n my attire reflects such with a kick of pizzazz!!

The beauty of Spring is how to transition into warmer weather. I tend to shop with the idea of what to wear during seasonal adjustments in order to get more bang for the buck. This can also account to why I'm not big on shopping trends!! What I wear to work can be transformed to attire for Happy Hour as well as mix n match for Weekend Rendezvous. The art of not being able to tell if I'm headed to a gala or grocery store is just overall my personal style but I have a few inspo's to dress down within the post...let's get started:

Sweater Dresses are my favorite transitional pieces becuz if ur back in the office (or not), it's enuff to keep u warm in the mornings n breathable to not overheat. I grabbed this Caslon Belted Dress (on sale $28) from...u guessed it, lol-Nordies. The Black in size L which does fit BUT I like wearing my dresses without the need to wear shape wear so I got the brown in XL for added room. The removable tie belt can be swapped for a buckle belt to dress it up more n I can wear slingbacks, mules or toss on sneaks to take it from Werk Couture to Elevated Casual.

Speaking of #ElevatedCasual this has been one of the trendiest styles to be labeled n it's so clutch becuz who knew...I just always called it my dressed down still being dressed up, lol. My absolute go-to is the essentials of wide leg sweatpants. I've always loved elephant pants, palazzo's or whatever they call em at the time but THESE are must haves for tall laydeez. They've become so practical that if I dress em up too much they'll look like trousers lol. My go to formula is a sweater (tucked or blouse'd) to neat'n up the look.

The joys of blazers...let me count the ways...For the Spring/Fall, getchu a lightweight blazer in a relaxed or boyfriend style. I love leaning towards linen blend ones to keep it light but also if u wanna tip toe into it-do NOT spend a lot. U can catch these on sales n at Nordy Rack spots. If I want a more spruced up business-y structured look I peek into the men's section. I've done a previous post: For the Love of Blazers to show alternative looks. This is a MUST HAVE essential to even keep in the car becuz in case of "emergency" aka last minute calls to hang out, lol. I can wear my "trouser" sweats n toss on a blazer AND even if my sweats were joggers...toss on a blazer n some heels n BAM-u got a LEWK!!


Not sure if yall pay attention or not Buuuut I'm not big on denim. It's a heavier material than Chambray but I hate shopping for jeans becuz a lot of times they don't be flattering on me with the illusion of slimming me down (no fault of theirs but still-lol...lie to me). I'm all for the "Canadian Tuxedo" trend which is basically denim on denim but becuz I live a looser lifestyle, it can be challenging. Fret not...the Cham's save the day!! The ease n relaxation these Caslon Cham's give me ($60, size XXLarge) will have me gliding through ur cookouts n flowing through parks making life easy. I can toss a t-shirt on or crochet top to keep it casual. Chambray isn't a style I'd dress up becuz I'd wanna keep it playful.

I've made references how I am slowly but surely easing into Black n White for work. Panda Couture is still in full swing. While I couldn't wear see-through ANYTHING into the office, I couldn't not bring it home after trying it on in Nordies. This Open Edit Sheer Button Up ($60, XL) is oversized so size down-I know I'll be layering so I went UP. Seeing this totally took me back to the early 90's n I'm excited to pair this with bottoms shown above. My Madewell's Poplin Tuxedo (now on sale $37, Size M) take note the fact I got a medium sized lets u know how oversized they are, lol. This gave me a waitress-y look but I love the detail to give me the ability to not do much but toss on light accessories to not distract far from the top.

Black n White Cowboy Boots exclusively from Nashville-NO you can't have them nor find them!!

Ever since I've found Fear of God Essentials in Nordies, it's like finding a long lost cousin. I've fallen in overly like of how these grace my body n not work hard at looking put together. For the warmer months, T-shirt dresses are MUST HAVES!! I was able to catch the black one (sold out) on sale for $30 but I have no problem paying full price based on the quality I've received now owning 2 of em which I've reviewed here.

The goal I'm aiming for this season will be to keep it simple n look like a lot without doing a lot because I am changing over my wardrobe stash into being less complicated to get dressed. While I do believe in the proper undergarments n shape wear to pull in a look n to keep us polished, there are time's if I'm running to Wegman's or taking Toot to the park that I don't wanna be constricted to shaping under my tshirt dresses which is why I go UP a size and becuz I don't work in a full office anymore-I can make capsule's werk couture.

With the weather breaking, have u pulled out the Spring totes to unpack or u shopping for new clothes? What's on ur MUST HAVE list for the season u feel is essential to rock as the temperatures rising. Let me know below!!

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