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Style Story: Good Grief Couture

This morning I was thankfully awaken by birds. It's spring season so they sing tunes before the sunrise. While I couldn't drift back off for another hour, I started contemplating what to wear for #SipTripSaturday n this is where I deliberate to myself...where am I going n more importantly..what am I gonna wear.

Charlie Brown was the inspo for the Couture of the Day!! I had grabbed this bag in 2021 to add to my quirky bag stash n figured I'd dust it off this morning. I had previously ordered the t-shirt along with an added accessory to bring it ALL together n VOILA!!

While the bag might be the initial eye catcher, I knew my #ootd needed an added oomph to make it POP!! As much as I love my Apple Watch, I also wanna give it a break n not be so overly connected so I'm easing back into the basics.

It was a tad chilly I had to layer with an old sleeveless cardigan (definitely over 5 yrs old) n wore it under a lightweight linen blend blazer I grabbed on sale last year. This was my overall look for my SB n Wegman's run n I enjoyed my "subtle" way of paying homage with a nod to my childhood.

I absolutely enjoyed putting this outfit together in my head off the early morning with such a smile on this beautiful day. I've been leaning more towards crafting looks that allow me to tell the story without overly selling it. Subtle accessories allow u to not work hard becuz whether I relax it with jeans or dress it up in all black w/heels-THE BAG will speak for me n the watch was merely a whisper.

Now unfortunately...the bag is no longer available (neither is the card holder) but I've listed some alternatives in my Amazon Storefront: Good Grief Charlie Brown Couture

Quick Fun Fack:

The creator, Schultz wanted to leave adults out the mix in the same manner of them being backdrops in the comic strips so they figured out a way to create the teachers infamous "wah wah" voice. The use of a trombone with a mute in the bell to stand in for any adult dialogue was the idea of Composer Vince Guaraldi (better known for Charlie Brown Chirstmas n nem).

How cute is this look? It's adorable n I like being able to pull off a playful look becuz it makes u approachable as it's a conversation starter. To put a smile on someone's face is my gift n serving the community n who would've thought Charlie's signature could be turned into a whole LEWK!!

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