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Black Girls In Nordstrom: The Origin

How did we get here? Falling absolutely head over heels in love with all things Nordstrom! If u follow me whether online or on the road, lol, u would know my direction is always headed towards this glorious place which became my 2nd home. It all began in 2010...

I used to frequent Annapolis Mall and Nordstrom was totally new to me. On a random, girls day out with Eb (she's not a blogger but influential), we went in during what I've grown to know as the Anniversary Sale. I was just getting into makeup n she took me to the Bobbi Brown counter. Being the green naive me...

I'm thinking WOW...I didn't know Bobby Brown had a makeup line...lmaooooo!! Don't judge me!! I had no clue lol. So while I dip head first into more expensive makeup, the SA offers me to open an account. I'm like...sure why not and from was Hit Em Up Style!

So here I am, fresh in the game. Mason was around 4 yrs old n between juggling being a mom n working at the Fire Dept (which was looooong and overnight shifts of hours), Nordstrom would become an escape. Although I wore uniforms for work, I still played with fashion n style on what little off time I had and I would make Spring my time for a ME DAY where I'd get an outfit n take myself out to lunch while Mason was in school. As I became a more frequent shopper n building relationships with the SA's, I built a bond with the brand overall being a familiar face n truly felt like a family.

What I absolutely LOVE about Nordstrom is their selections n multiple options of brands on any price scale that allow me to debunk people from thinking they are only high end. I've grown up shopping alongside my mom(s) in department stores: Woodward & Lothrop which turned into Hecht's which we know as Macy's today. The wisdom of my mom's taught me HOW to shop for the best deals. I know how to make a dollar out of fifteen cents; so trust me...there's something in Nordies and Nordy RACK that WILL fit ur budget.

No Cap-I've even grabbed a dress as low as $0.01-YES!! It rang up for ONE PENNY!!

TIP: If u pick up something on the clearance rack, don't be afraid to price check AT the register becuz u could very well be surprised what blessings await.

Over the years, I've really honed in on how to shop, where to shop and WHEN. There's such a science n sweet spot to it all n I can truly say-I've mastered this game. Throughout my BGIN Series, I'll share but this post is about The Beginning!!

Affordable brands inside Nordstrom
2 PC Set from OPEN EDIT brand

If I were to brag about Nordstrom, I'd be here forever. In a nutshell, they've become my favorit department store to shop based on the value, options whether high n low but more important the CUSTOMER SERVICE!! I've never throughout my years of shopping here had a bad experience. Minor mistakes of a wrong item being shipped don't count, any issues I've ever had have been resolved to the highest level of ensuring I'd be satisfied n I truly appreciate their practice in such a manner becuz it makes me want to support them even more. I've even tested this theory at other department stores n by far...Nordies have them beat. The experience is unmatched n I'm not being bias becuz I love them so much, lol, from the stylists to the associates to the managers; your greeted and offered assistance that isn't in a pesky annoying way.

I was totally devastated to learn the Annapolis location where it all started for me was closing during the pandemic n so now I've relocated to Tysons Corner. I don't discriminate on any Nordy Racks n incorporate peeking in there for quick picks. My absolute favorite time will always be the Anniversary Sale which takes place around July/August. I. Go. CRAZY!!!! This year I am preparing differently with less shopping now and stacking Nordstrom notes to drop and gift becuz I also want others to be introduced to my world n the #Nsales are the best time to shop-especially as we gear up for Fall.

If u see me in Nordstrom NOT mind ur business n please say HI. I am totally approachable in my 2nd home n I can also get lost with tunnel vision if I zero in n try to stay focused so I promise I'm not being rude if I don't see u. More than likely, I have a cup in my hand n my other arm being weighed down w/clothes folded over as I'm headed to the dressing room, lol.

Is anyone else a Nordies Gal??? Let me know if there's any brands to be on the lookout for becuz I love finding underdogs n if ever u were curious-THIS is ur sign!

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