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Red Lips of Love: Sephora Always Red

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Day 3: Sephora Collection's Mandarin Muse (10)

Note: Whoopsiiii...I had to update this post to correct the name which was mixed up with the post AFTER this one **le sigh**

Back down memory lane with this one!! When lip stains dropped on the market, Sephora was ON IT and totally knocked it out the park. Back when MAC was dominating the scene, Sephora Collection became a good contender in the game and silent killer in my opinion. These cream lip stains are what they say they are annnnd I have more in the stash becuz they're just that reliable.

Sephora Always Red Cream Lip Stain (01)
Up Next: Always Red

This lip stain is RICH. You can get the full color with the slightest swipe and dries down QUICK! Unfortunately, since it hadn't been used in soooo long and the top was not tightly on...this sorta kinda dried out on me. I was able to get enuff to use today but I know I need a fresh tube. I can confidently say...I WILL use this again! It's THE red you MUST have to reach for on not just special occasions but everyday-ness! This was a cozy rainy day to be inside (hence the robe couture) but I still feel spruced up wearing this gorgeous red.

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