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Red Lips of Love: KVD Santa Sangre

Day One: KVD Santa Sangre

Annnnd here we go...first up on my red lip series is prolly my most warn reds (knowing dmn well I don't wear em often) and I keep this shade within reach. It's literally in my go to section of the stash. Kat Von D Everlasting Longwear Liquid Lipstick in Santa Sangre. I am a huge fan of her liquid lippies n started off with this becuz I had to go to work n figured if I'm gonna wear a mask, I need a good ol' stained lip that'll withstand my mouth moving n not have me removing my mask lookin like the joker!

The shade is listed as a poison apple and as sexy as this is, I will's not long lasting YET I don't need to reapply; if that makes sense. I don't need my lipsticks to last me 24 hrs or anything so it's not a breaker for me. I didn't time it or anything but after about 5 hrs (and mask movement mind u) the most I needed to do was dab lip balm to revive it. The best part of this Santa S is its a good lip stain. I typically do a few dots on my lips n blot around then add a gloss-but it's also perfect in its matte form.

Day One is down in the books: KVD Santa Sangre for the Red Lip of Love for the day! It was a good tip toe into these unfamiliar waters. I have a whole collection of KVD lip stains so no complaints here, I also think I have another red in her flock called Outlaw nearby I may need to dig up! Are you a stain lover or traditional lippie kinda gal?

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