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Red Lips of Love: TLB Bawse Lady

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Day 6 & 7: The Lip Bar in Bawse Lady

Since starting my #RedLipsOfLove series, this shade came highly recommended throughout my posts and DM's. I've been aware of the brand from the early days of the infamous blue lipstick trend and seen them on Shark Tank. It was great to see the brand press on after the sharks turned them down to now being retailed in Targets across the country.

I can definitely see why yall love this shade so much. Bawse Lady is TLB's number one best seller and I put this in the category as I did with Sephora's Always Red becuz it looks great on everyone. Nooooow I get it. A universal red all shades can wear and u can't go wrong is a must have in ur stash. When I swiped it I felt like it was the perfect red rose shade; it dried down looking like I munched on flower petals. It's so nice...Imma wear it twice. Yup! I knew once I glided around in this it was gonna be my lippie for Monday. I think it'll work well under my mask. This will be rotated more this month becuz anything comfy n doesn't easily transfer is a winner for me. For someone who dabbles in luxury lipsticks, I can respect and appreciate the price point during rent time. At $13 this can stand up there with the big girls (designer brands) as a solid contender.

I must say...even tho my weekend was mainly spent in the house it felt good to be dolled up. Even for the errand runs I did, knowing I had on a red lip under my mask; I felt mysteriously sexy-weird right? It's just something about this red shade I am discovering and to think I've ran from it for so long makes me feel like I'm playing catch up. Thank you all for dropping ur red lippie recommendations and ur faves becuz it also helps others who peek in to check em out too. Don't have me be the only fly one wit rosy lips. We can all enjoy this journey of love-together :) It's the little things such as tossing on a lip which I'll be incorporating in a routine to show up for ME cuz I felt so Bawse in this lip n I wanna hold on to repeating that feeling!

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