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Best of 2021: Honorable Mention

Well...Well...Well...2021 has come to a close and I hope you enjoyed my series of the Best of 2021 as it had me cheesing to harken back to the great moments from last year. I have no complaints. There are a lot of folks that didn't make it. I still can't believe Earl (DMX) and Omar (Michael K.) are no longer here...even Betty White wasn't able to make it pass the buzzer-sheesh! The "Omarion" got folks dropping like mixtapes n I feel like I know more people sick wit whatever form of vid now than when the pandemic started. Honeychiiiiile, I am staying out the way. Despite the heartache and lost ones, 2021 served me well. I was blessed to be able to thrive more than ever during a time where people had to downsize or start fresh in areas of life. Like wow...I used to say I'm not worthy but knowing the value of high regards I hold myself to...I AM!!

Monstera Delicisio from Brookside Gardens
Balls of Botany continues to flourish her plants

Before I get into this finale...let's do some housekeeping:

  • Make sure u are subscribed to keep up wit these balls dropping. I have been what these heaux complain men ain't...CONSISTENT with keeping my word n dropping once a week. I am now looking to advance to twice a week (saying it out loud to hold myself accountable)

  • Feel free to share! No need to be stingy becuz we need to flourish together. No heaux left behind-although I do realize...not everyone can keep up but at least u brought the horse to the water.

  • Follow me on ur socials; yall know I'm mainly on IG where the stories be LitTy. I'm not as active on twitter cuz laaaawd it's already more than enuff keeping up with FB/IG.

I may need to do a housekeeping tag every so often of a post...remind me lol. Now back to our regularly scheduled program. Where was I...aaaah yes...2021; it taught me how resilient I am. Being in this creative space isn't easy and I made myself push thru when I didn't have energy to do so. Starting with my blog. I knew I needed to step my game up n I challenged myself to drop balls once a week. I DID IT!!! Hell...I surprised myself. See...the thing is, u either gonna do shyt or talk shyt. Anybody can just chatter but the separation comes with action.

I definitely stuck to my theme: 2021: Year of No Expectations and it worked out pretty good. I never expected to get the opportunities to attend in the manner of which I present myself-VIP style! To accept invites to judge at the DMV Full-Figured Pageant and utilize my opera glasses for the Sassy Jones Fashion Show came out of left field for me. It was a gentle reminder that u never know who's watching and why I stress to dress how u want to be addressed.

I have elevated myself to step into a life of abundance and I am loving it here. I have truly seen a difference in the outcomes that occur in my life by which I carry myself in the form of how I feel. Controlling the narrative by way of couture-ness gives me leverage the average heaux doesn't have becuz I choose to go the extra mile. As a blogger-this is my brand. I am a walking billboard and I can't be talkin shyt n not walkin like I talk it. My dress down is still dressed up n at this point, I do it to keep myself boosted n it feels good. This mindset n concept has opened a lot of doors for me and I'm snatching all the privileges. If ever u need a life hack...just follow my lead **wink**

Part of elevation and living the life of abundance means...ur circle changes. Some people fall off as u taking off n I've grown to accept being ok w/those losses. We tend to hold on to things n folks who don't serve us nor mean us well due to loyalty and knowing them over a length of time. Stragglers will not allow u to prosper. Cut them dead ends as quick as u cut a ngga who don't text back in .006 seconds! I rely heavily on my sisterhood of girls comprised from day one's to recent one's and kiki'in in the DM one's. They are all equally loved. We have our girl chats and have no problem calling each other out like...wayment...bytch u know u ain't right. I cherish our intimate moments where no pics are taken or posted.

Having the ability to speak at Kanesha's Rose Brunch showed me the importance of a support system. To think she thought enuff of me to add value to her brunch meant a lot to me. We always connect n network with the intentions of helping each other instead of the politics of how can I use this person to get ahead. I can attest to knowing the energy of love I exude is what I have been attracting with networking and collecting a beautiful tribe of women. I never expected to grow a host of women that pour into me and remind me of my worth when I tend to deny myself n even question my abilities. Yall keep me motivated more than yall realize. I have a sense of proudness to know yall think so highly of me n I just don't wanna let chall down. To have folks mention u and refer u to people that lead to opportunities is an honor.

The opportunity to guest n co-host for Wine Down Wednesday was fun! It taught me to take the leap and trust the process. The universe is gonna reward u with what u ask for as long as u are putting in the work. The practice that I've been doin which is showing up for myself by just taking the leap of faith n building it as I fly-nothing is perfect n there's never a "right" time. U gotta just do it. My superpower has been the ability to be open to change. Sometimes I wanna stay in my comfort zone but I know there's greater success on the other side of the mountain when I push myself n Geronimooooo head first. The way this year flew by...what are u waiting for cuz time ain't waiting for shyt.

Since turning 40...oh lordie...I have been in such a great space of my womanhood. The confidence level is up n stuck. I sleep well knowing I treat people right and move with intentions to do right and exercise kindness. Doing things that bring me joy such as maintaining my self-dates every Saturday morning at Starbucks n tossing in some IG stories with sharing random thoughts is my source of happiness. Doin what I love without the stress n pressures to keep up n compete becuz there's only one me. If u rock wit it, u rocking n if it's not to ur liking; there's no pressure to stay. I ain't press to please everybody and that's why I benefit from utilizing this blog space to splurge on the freedoms I have here.

I wanna thank me for all the lessons 2021 has taught me and the accomplishments made. I had noooo idea aka expectations of rewinding n recapping with all that I've done this past year. Wow!! Who would've thunk it. What will 2022's theme for me be n what will I look to scratch off the list next? I have no idea yet, I'll deliberate on that over the wknd. What I do know is...I am open to receiving my blessings-always!!

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