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2021: Year of No expectations

Welcome to 2021. Congrats-you made it. Last year was a doozy eh so if u survived that u can survive anything. These last few weeks have been such a blur. Winter Solstice offered a clean slate then we got our super powers n slid into Christmas. That shyt felt weird. I was NOT in the holiday mood. I managed to put my tree up but barely decorated. I feel like my seasonal plants that go dormant in the winter n slow down. I've been chillin during winter break from school becuz I'll be back on the grind in a few wks wit a full load **cue forehead sweats**

Nordstrom Cafe Lavender Chai Latte
Nordstrom Holiday 2020

Reflecting on 2020, it honestly wasn't bad for me. I was able to secure a new job and promotion so my lifestyle hasn't skipped a beat. I am grateful. During a year of taking so many losses and setbacks, we've showed resiliency. We were all confused during lockdown not knowing how long we'd be fighting this covid-ness n suffered through cancelled vacations for isolations. To be honest...I've moved pretty consistent throughout the whole ordeal. My movements are very limited: Starbucks, Wegmans, Target or if I'm feeling adventurous plant shopping. Nordstrom is also my place of refuge to getaway but the shopping experience in itself just isn't the same. As much as I like online shopping, I am an avid #windowshopper and I prefer to go IN stores to see clothes in person so I can try on in real time then leisurely walk through the malls for a few hours, grab lunch n be home! The movie's being shutdown saddened me too. I would plan a full ditch day from work to include pampering myself with shopping n movies so my social solo dating life has taken a nosedive lol.

Starbucks holiday flavors for xmas season
Starbucks Caramel Brûlée Latte

Santa was good to me! It's always hard shopping for me becuz I treat myself well throughout the year and I grab what I want when I want it. This is why I prefer gift cards to my favorite places to shop :D As I've previously stated, I was not in the xmas mood but I tend to force myself for the sake of my kids. Well...Mason is a tad older so his spirit is meh n he doesn't like me to decorate til after his bday which is around Thanxgiving. I would like one good year where I winter wonderland my place to get me in the mood especially with my Little Toot Toot getting older. I gathered some energy for family pics in the infamous red n black #lumberjack couture pj sets.

Presenting the lovely slide of our family photos:
A Family that plaids together, is glad together

The photoshoot I envisioned in my head did not play out in reality trying to wrangle a moody teen to at least ACT like he can crack a smile and a rambunctious toddler who doesn't give a shyt what's goin on yet more focused on the props! As imperfectly perfect as they are...I loved the candid flix...aaaaah #BlackLove

Now that we've survived the year, do you make New Yearssss resolutions? I like having a theme for the year which makes it fun. In previous years:

If last year taught me nothing else...the world owes me nothing so don't expect shyt. I want to go into this year with no expectations so it leaves me with no disappointments. This doesn't mean I won't set goals n seek or look forward to the many blessings ahead but I kinda wanna float through this year and be "surprised" with how it turns out. I am not gonna beat myself up over missed marks n just Que Sera Sera my way this go round. I hope this year brings you all everything u desire n incorporate protecting ur peace to maintain sanity. I am hopeful this year will be even greater than last year but **cue theme** we shall see.

Happy New Year!!!!

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