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Best Of 2021: Sassy Jones Fashion Show

As we keep this series for the Best of 2021's rollin...I must say; it feels good to relive these standout moments from the year. Looking back, I'm was I ever so lucky. These opportunities seem to just fall into my lap. I had randomly received an email from a representative of Sassy Jones n had to scratch my head becuz I had never heard of this boutique before and-I thought it was spam lol. I was thinking wow, these scammers sure know how to get my attention with such an elaborate invite-VIP nonetheless! After doing research, I learned-oh ok...this is legit and made SURE she knew I accepted and very much looked forward to the opportunity of my VIP-ness attending the show.

Never thought the pressure of attending was...WHAT TO WEAR **cue horror scream** It's like omg...what do I wanna convey when I walk through the door n how do I want my style to represent me. It's a freaking fashion show...emphasis on the SHOW so u gotta come with ur A game. I grew up being IN the show n figured it would be less pressure being a spectator-NOT!! Well...maybe for me. Since I did my research on Sassy Jones brand, I had an idea of how to put together a #lewk which is mature (cuz I'm tired n bored of the infamous "grown n sexy" term) + chic + comfy + expressive. I already take my presentation seriously. I also take a VIP invite just as serious becuz they clearly see something in me to be apart of their moment n I wanna represent them well. I wanted to give Perch Couture daaaarling!

Perch Couture deets of what was gave:

Dress: Farm Rio

Clutch: @shopvintageboutique on IG

Shoes: Converse (run star hike)

Now on to the show...for this to be Sassy Jones FIRST fashion show...I must say...I was truly impressed. The venue was at Richmond Main Street Station where you're surrounded by glass for city views and a glimpse of trains as they pull into the station. Legit looks like a moving picture! After mingling in the VIP lounge, you moved on up to cocktail hour and seen all the beautiful attendees who got dressed to impress.

Once the runway show started I was fully entranced by the models who showed off the garments with fierce struts. There was also a special segment to honor cancer survivors in which she has a foundation for n the models shared their stories via screen then walked out boldly in celebration of life. After the show was shopping time. The live models put in overtime to be on display for us with a private shopping experience and exclusive wear. The energy n support from the crowd made the experience so much fun and we couldn't keep a smile off our faces from excitement.

Enjoy the slide show

Sassy Jones Fashion Show at Richmond Station
The Lady of the Hour: CEO + Owner Charis Jones

The excitement of it all. HUGE THANK YOU to the Sassy team for the invite to experience the extravaganza of it all. My aligned stars are strategically placing me in rooms I need to be in to mingle with dope people. People came near and far just to support Charis and. her fashion show. I learned more about the brand and the team who glue everything together. More fashion shows for me pleeeease **crosses fingers** and maybe a cameo of me coming out of retirement-who knows!!

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