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Best of 2021: Rose Brunch

Earlier this year, one of my goals was to jump out there and conquer my fears. I wanted to get in front of the camera more n allow my voice to be heard. Contrary to popular belief; I am shy! I knoooow....I know-u agree!! Hear me out tho...I am far a better writer than saying shyt out loud. I find it hard to express my TRUE in person personality with anything being recorded on LIVE. I have enuff self-awareness to know I have no filter majority of the time n although I lack phks-I do tend to have some cares. Growing up my friends labeled me the comedian but I don't be trying to be funny. I've watched enuff comedians growing up to know, there is a skill to the art. You have to be able to read the room, know ur audience n stand in confidence to deliver the message.

Delivering the message is where my knees shake becuz depending on the ear (receiver) my message can be misconstrued n I wanna be respectful yet realize-u can't please everyone. Public speaking just ain't my thaaaang. Intimate settings I can share n preach all day in the moment becuz I can rely on the audience knowing me. So I tossed it out there silently on how I need to step out of my comfort zone n let the universe do its thang.

My good friend, Kanesha started a brunch in honor of her mother, Rose. She has an AMAZING story of being adopted and later finding her birth mother. The crazy part is, we worked together during the time she conceived the idea to find her mom so to watch it unfold and anticipate the reunion had even me emotional. I was invested as if it was me on the hunt lol. They were able to reunite and form a relationship before she died. What a blessing! It was one of the biggest examples of forgiveness I ever witnessed in real time. I am petty n held grudges for a long time and to see how Kanesha was open n willing to move pass her mama's choices n extend some grace to enter a foreign relationship with a clean slate is admirable. She has always been the calm to my storm working together because she has the softest demeanor n sees the great in it all. Luckily even after I left the fire dept she's stuck around for the rollercoaster rides of our friendship (never a down in a bad way) so when she not only invited me to brunch but also asked me to be a speaker...I was honored n couldn't say no to someone who NEVER says no to anyone else.

This isn't the first Rose Brunch. She held one a year before the pandemic so I was excited to hear it was on n popping for this year. She put a lot of blood, sweat n tears into making sure this event was put together in honor of not just her mother but to represent a sisterhood. She handpicked us all to attend and made it a solid VIP cut of FIFTY gorgeous women.

Full Review: YOU SHOULD BE HERE!!! Throughout the process as it kept growin, I suggested for Kanesha to get ready to start looking for Rose's Brunch to grow n search for larger venues. This is no rave becuz I know her personally. She simply deserves all the brags n praises because u don't realize how much this event was needed until u leave with such fulfillment and let the love marinate. One of my favorite brunch spots: Blackwall Hitch of Alexandria, hosted us with our private deck up top. We were reunited with familiar faces n met by new ones, nonetheless, everyone meshed as if we grew up together n played catch up. The laughter n tears. I needed my Candace #RHOP triangle napkin to dab a few times as my eyes prespired.

Rose Brunch at Blackwall Hitch Alexandria
Kanesha with the spotlight

I am happy to relive one of the best moments of 2021 because it forced me to be a speaker. Like hold up....girl u know that ain't me but yall rooted for me like no other. I actually practiced n brainstormed leading up to the moment n was nervous as hell. It was good practice tho. What did I speak on??? Ya should've been there haha. Being apart of this significant event solidified for me-THIS is the type of shyt I wanna be involved with. These are the types of events I wanna be associated with. Everyone looked so pristine as they adhered to the dress code: ALL WHITE.

Yall know I am "picky with my presence" and THIS is the type of event I will forever attend not just to support but coordinate as needed because it's a cause I believe in. Speaking of was announced...**cue confetti and screams**

It's official...she coined Rose Brunch with an LLC!! I am oh so proud of my sister girl n to see her idea come to fruition n watch it grow. Also huge hugs for allowing me to step into the speaking slot as she seen it fit for lil ol' meeeee to drop gems n share with our sisters. Definitely great practice and I appreciate the feedback. Now THIS is true women empowerment.

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