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Best of 2021: Ms. Full-Figured DMV Pageant

Growing up I would watch pageants in awe of the parade of ladies from everywhere. Miss USA, Miss Universe and local Miss anything to watch beautiful women parade and show their talents as they glide across the stage. I love the poise of these women who constantly smile and wave to the crowd as they display themselves throughout each category gunning for the crown. As a retired model myself **pops collar** I can remember the rehearsals leading up to the show and the chaos behind the scenes for the show to run "smoothly". The work that goes into these shows and the efforts for production aint for the faint of hearts. Imagine minding yo business and receiving an email from Ms. Lorrine Ross to be invited to be a judge of a pageant show.

Yea I know...happens all the time right lol-NOT!! I disregarded it n thought it was spam or a scam. In true google reminding fashion, the email popped back up to respond. I checked it out again n did my own "research" n learned oh shyt...this is legit. I hurried to reply with excitement with a HELL YEA...I mean...why yes, I am available and it was that moment...I prepped to be a judge. What a chance of a lifetime. How did Ms. Lorrine find me? I have no idea. To be chosen at this level gave me a sense of honor because however Ms. Ross came across my content, she saw it fit for me to be a part of her event. Because I love what I do with blogging, I work as if nobody's watching and those who feel me-feel me! The whole process from beginning to end was top notch! The communication was amazing and Ms. Lorrine stayed in contact throughout the year leading up to the event. She is truly passionate which invigorated the judges to represent and do her proud.

This was a fun experience and I am excited to have been a part of the 5th Annual Ms. Full-Figured DMV Pageant. I got to see my blogger boo's who attended and also a full circle moment with a slight tear jerker....I came across a woman who sung at my mom's wedding. Note; anytime I come across my mom's old friends, I have an emotional moment because they mention how I look like her n reminisce on what she meant to them which is exactly what happened when I came across Ms. Beverly. She did a quick video for my mom's bestie, Vendetta to capture the moment:

These women did a phenomenal job. I admire the gumption to put themselves in this position to be judged and u could see the hard work that went into each category they were competing. The sisterhood tied it all together for me. While this was a competition for the crown, in the end while we anxiously awaited the results; they still rooted for each other. Even just ONE win was a shared win and I was bursting with excitement to see how my votes contributed to the winner.

Ms Full Figured DMV Pageant
And the Winner is...Ms. Melanie Ryles

Being a part of this pageant was a MAJOR boost for me. It showed me I am headed in the right direction with how I carry myself because yall know I am big on how we represent ourselves to the public and representation matters. I highly doubt I would've been chosen to judge a classy group of ladies if I was outchea next to Sukihana n nem. Attending these types of events is where I wanna be and it's aligned me to where I wanna go moving forward. These are the types of people and affairs I want to align myself with considering it goes with my motto to Inspire-Motivate-Elevate.

Quick Styling Deets:

My Celeb MUA Sister: Yani B Honey

Blonde Bombshell Stylist: Mahogany at Hair Mania Salon

Vintage Dress of Fabness: Shop Vintage Boutique

Yup...another notch on the belt and bullet to the resume! When folks say who am iiiii to judge, I can officially say I'm certified by way of the delegates from #MSFFDMV and yall can thank Ms. Ross for granting me the privilege **cue evil laugh**

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