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Here Ye!! Here Ye!! Bad Bytch Loading...oh wait...I've arrived daaaarliiiing. On January 26th, my parents welcomed me into their loving arms and VOILA: Kisha Marie. I stand before u now a full blown woman stepping into a new realm of life after leaving my 30's behind. This is so surreal to me. I've been feeling different leading up to for months now (refer to Lordie Im FoTee Series). It's a good feeling type different tho. It's a magical feeling like when u feel freshly exfoliated n moisturized with dead skin washed away. I spent my day enjoying a Spa Day and lounging with my favorite men in my life-ALL my boys! I'm a simple gal but don't think for a second I'm not slightly upset I didn't enjoy it as planned: Spa Retreat somewhere in Arizona. Yet, I'm grateful. I am here to see 40 and healthy with sound mind n body.

I am stepping into a whole new land of womanhood but I'll elaborate on this another post. I wanted to rock a power color. RED!! Red has always been my favorite color. It's a classic shade n stands out yet can be toned down to subtly. I am overwhelmed by the love n support u guys have shown me to celebrate my birthday. This feels like a milestone number for me. I reflect on my 20's n 30's with trials n errors (many errors...oh soooo many) n I regret none. They've shaped me into the woman u see before u today. My heart is full with messages of love and tips from my "elders" lol on what to look forward to. THANK YOU ALL for the many laughs, DM's, comments n engagements to enjoy my crazy. It hasn't really sank in that I have more time behind me than realized. Like OMG...I'm Fo' Teeeeee. This shyt is crazy....I'm still floating...let me marinate in this moment before I do a post birthday reflection cuz I'm expecting to wake up back into simpler times of childhood before adulting by chance n maybe this is all just a dream n this moment is a premonition of some sorts. Yeaaaa that's right...this a flash forward vision right **starts to sweat** I'm gonna wake up n be back to where it all the womb where I had noooo idea of what's to come of my life n no expectations of nothing...yea that's it. Happy Birthday to meeee!!!

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Briana Berkley
Briana Berkley
Jan 27, 2021

Yesss Dahling you have arrived!!! Wishing you nothing but the best for this next year. Love you!!

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