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Best of 2021: Wine Down Wednesday

A lovely lesson learned this year...yall are totally crazy for wanting to hear me across radio waves and even crazier DJ Shane himself took a chance on lil' ol' meeee. Nonetheless...there's been no fines n cancellations of any kind lol. So how did I end up rocking the mic...again, minding my business when I received an invite to be a guest on The Underground Lab's "Wine Down Wednesday" I bytch'd up like wait...huh...who? me? I just never look at myself to be interesting enuff for radio. After careful deliberation, I said sure why not.

In reality...the closer we got to showtime the more nervous I became. What if I stutter? What if I say some shyt to offend folks? What if I accidentally let it slip I still listen to R. Kelly...**cue horror scream** I am no public speaker so "umm" and "uuuh" and "like" are sure to fly out cuz I am trying to process thinking before I talk on a LIVE show lol. I took a deep breath n just let it flow. The hosts made it a safe space and I was comfortable where I let my shoulders rest and enjoyed the conversation along with listening to music to "wine down" to-yall know I need anything JODECI and Phyllis Hyman in a chill playlist. After my cherry was popped, I felt a sigh of relief n proud of myself for taking the leap (or more like tossed off the diving board).

This is crazy becuz I was thinking to myself...I am getting what I asked for. I'm flattered to have people speak of me highly in rooms I am not in and it taught me to get my shyt together. I can't be outchea begging for blessings n dropping balls being unprepared when the opportunity comes. They liked me so much, they invited me back a few times and I just couldn't say no to Shane! It's been a fun ride. I get more comfy and let my personality seep out with being on the mic. The behind the scenes are definitely litTy and we overall have a good time. The topics I've been speaking on as the residential dating specialist (I totally just freestyle'd that lol) LOL-I totally am NOT; but I speak on the dating scene from what I observe since #CuffingSeason had started along with random questions I be posing on my Facebook page. Exhibit A: Smile Bytch and we discuss the topics to get some understanding amongst the sexes aka Mars vs Venus.

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Since my appearance...I mean appearancessss-PLURAL **tee hee** I've been toggling with the idea of giving into the many requests (all less than ten of yall lol) to fancy yall to hear my voice more often whether with a podcast or co-hosting here n there. Yall know my weakness is the consistency part and keeping up with churning out content. Creators DO have writers block at times-least I do. I go through my creative phases in waves. I got like a solid 5 posts in the tuck I've yet to toss out and I struggle with pushing thru during the times I'm just NOT feeling it. So...we shall see..ya never know what 2022 can hold for ya girl but I definitely appreciate the love, support n push to come out of hiding and into the spotlight; it makes me cheese really hard n it means a lot-Thank YOU!!!

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