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Best of 2021: I wanna Thank ME

If you've been following my Best of 2021 Series...dmn...I'm have seen me conquer my fears of public speaking to being a judge for a pageant and enjoy VIP treatment as a guest for a fashion show. Creating this series has been done with a huge smile as I type to relive the moments. On this episode (lol), I'm gonna bring it back to a personal goal I didn't even take serious until it became-personal. It was a long time coming and to make it to the finish line during a pandemic at that was no small feat. I have taken great pride in this accomplishment and I wanna thank me...

I totally get it...we all don't wanna brag n be humble becuz u don't wanna come across as if ur rubbing it in someones face. U downplay accomplishments n blessings so those with lesser than don't feel some kind of way and we have such a heart cuz we wanna see fit EVERYONE gets what their hearts desire. Well guess what...if u are someone who receives positive messages, luxury unboxing's, success and announcements as braggy or showing off-YOU are the one with jealousy in yo heart n seems to be a personal problem YOU choose to not have ambition and/or motivation to make shyt happen...aka not my problem!

**cue getting in my muthaphkn bag**

This past May, I graduated with my Bachelors in Communications after grabbing my Associate's in General Studies-Ooops I Did it Again!! Yup!! When those meme's to hype us up with the "last year it was xyz n this year its personal"hit, I made it just that-personal. Yall know the story and struggles to grab these degrees (if not, hit the link above) and I call it personal becuz it was not for professional advancement. Growing up, my dad STRESSED the importance of college. My mom was like mmmm...meh. While my friends were goin away for college, I stayed home n got a job then took classes part time. Although my dad would mention being ready to pay for my schooling, he decided not to becuz I chose to go to a community college and in his words "I could wake up n decide not to go" at any given moment (oh, the irony in the statement n how it boomerangs makes me chuckle). My mom took out a loan for my first semester and becuz I couldn't afford to keep goin...yes-I woke up n decided to no longer attend. I didn't even realize the resentment I had towards him as I watched him pay for my other siblings education until I graduated-BY MYSELF!!

In true older sibling form, I kept it pushing which is why those early lessons taught me: nobody owes u shyt. Whether it was a gift or curse, I learned to not depend on anyone n made a way or get it out the mud as the kids say. My degrees are not make or breakers for my career becuz I have extensive experience (thanx to being a college drop out lol). My advice to the younger generation-get chew a cert/trade and make urself valuable with experience through the ranks. I think the college experience fresh out of high school is great for kids to meet people outside their local vicinity and learning diversity is helpful in the working world. For me...if I'm not going for anything in the STEM field or trying to be a lawyer or doctor-I wouldn't. I have general n basic degrees and at 40...I dmn sure ain't taking no math and I'm in the admin field on an executive level soooo what in the hell is a master's gonna do when I'm at the top of my game. We all know folks with degrees where they do occupations opposite of. My dream job was actually to be an investigator (I grew up loving crime shows) and my plan was to get a degree in Criminal Justice then I learned the way around a degree to get to the position would be to start off as an officer. Life has many ways to skin a cat and success is what we see fit. I understand the old school mentality and wanting stability of sitting behind a desk becuz these baby boomers were conditioned to work-work-work! Phk ur feelings n fulfillment of happiness which is written all over their faces as they gear up to retire lol.

Keeyahri luxury shoes Jenine
Shoes from Keeyahri "Jenine"

Yes, I did it for my babies. I more so did it for myself. The most expensive way to prove might I add, lol, that I can finish something after procrastinating so much. I did it...I made it...I conquered and didn't let laziness n procrastination defeat me. This was definitely one of my best moments of 2021 and while I didn't get a chance to walk the stage again, I can relish in when I did just two years prior. That's good enuff for me! I love how my story has inspired others and being able to complete my goals with yall rooting for me. Working with scientists n engineers helped me struggle thru my initial math classes n yall kicked me off social media when u knew I was slacking. I love how yall love me!! It takes a village and still...

I wanna thank meeeee!! I wanna thank me for not quitting, I wanna thank me for being able to preach to Mason about finding the strength to dig deep with his studies becuz I was able to do the same. I showed can be done! Emphasis on the DONE cuz honeychiiiiile. But yea...Imma talk my shyt, loud n proud n u should too. No matter how big or "small" the accomplishment, your success story is just that-YOURS and u don't need to diminish ur shine for nothing or nobody when u worked ur azz off n cried rivers to get there. Hell...I wanna thank me more often.

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