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My Lunch Savior

I am not in the church every Sunday. I can't recite many scriptures nor memorize the bible front to back in all versions. I can't keep up wit no denominations of being baptist, catholic, presbyterian or vegetarian but what I do know...God is real and angels come in many forms to walk amongst us. I have had far too many "by the grace of God" moments to not believe in a higher power. My most recent moment had me walkin back to my desk teary eyed.

**cue tambourines**

Over the weekend which was quite eventful; my purse changed a few times so SURPRISE **fast fwd** I'm at work dipping into my work tote only to find my everyday wallet MISSING my license n bank card. What was left was a lingering cc that expired this month n an extra account card which barely be having $10 (I only use it to deposit for a loan) so as my stomach growled, I left on the hunt for food with fingers crossed that one of the 2 possible's (like a game of spades) would work just enuff to keep me from fasting til I got home. I was basically blind yall. I go to McDonald's n cringe. As I'm standing in line I am already prepping for the stomach ache n acid reflux feeling I know it will result in (not to mention the peasantry taste). Somethin tells me (intuition) to leave out n go elsewhere. I end up nearby which is outside of the McD's budget but I was willing to take a chance.

So this guy in front of me compliments my hair n after I politely thank him, I go back to stalking the menu for prices n praying that whichever card can and will work cuz how embarrassing is that to hold up the line and have that dreadful "DECLINE" response. As the line is steady moving, I place my order after his n he turns back n asks can he pay for my lunch.

Within a split second I battled with a yay or nay and I settled on tellin him NO but what came out my mouth was "I am open to receiving my blessings, sure". I paused like bytch that wasn't a no becuz it was as if a ventriloquist took over n said the opposite of my thoughts. He paid n didn't expect any small talk nor ask for my number. He simply said "your kindness and having a good attitude gives you a glow" hell he basically thank'd me for allowing him to pay. Now becuz my workplace is so huge; the likelihood of me ever bumping into him again is slim to none so as he waved goodbye n disappeared; I walked back to my office with tears hovering my lids becuz it was confirming God is real.

**Please Note: Replaying the moment; I'm thinking why wouldn't I automatically say YES but it's becuz I've grown up with the mindset that nothing is free n I don't want to feel obligated repaying someone back. The repay can come in different forms; either way to maintain it being neutral, I'd decline offers just in case the gifter is expecting. This is a struggle that I am learning to NOT have becuz living with an abundance mindset, I need to trust that my energy attracts genuinely good people with pure intentions.

It also confirms previous posts have been on track...just in case you missed them and need to catch up (or waiting on another social media crash):

YOUR ATTITUDE/APPEARANCE MATTERS!! Even with a mask on, I smile. My ability to pour into myself is a reflection of what I want to project into the community and I share these experiences becuz I know the work I've put in has been paying off. What would u have to lose by changing ur attitude or giving a gentle hello to a stranger who passes by or engaging in small talk while u wait for coffee. By the grace of God, HE seen fit for me to get blessed n not even take a chance on the embarrassment lol.

THANK U JESUS!! Cuz I was looking too good to be declined n wasn't no dishes to wash lol. So while I may not be the ideal Christian or bathe in holy the end of the day; God knows my heart and I must be doing something right. There are people who may judge my lifestyle and modern family based off what I share to not being within the lane of doing "God's work" or being righteous. At the end of the day, I'd like to think having morals + integrity + character is paying off. To do the right thing beyond a selfish realm of it being just about me. Now let the tabernacle say....AMEN!!

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