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Being Picky With My Presence

SURPRISSSSEEEE!!! I'm dropping balls early for the week. For some reason, my insomnia is mainly on the weekends and in between hitting the books-here I am. I had a great weekend. Contrary to popular belief...I am pretty chill n a #homebody **gasp** By now, if u follow my IG stories my wknd routine is pretty consistent. My favorite 3 places to catch me EVERY weekend: Starbucks, Wegmans, and Target-make no mistake Nordstrom is part of the routine (depending on the pay period). If I veer off n u don't see the routine up Sat am...mind ya bidness!!

This routine has become my weekend kickoff n brings me joy. It's something about my body clock waking me up to catch the sunrise with a fresh attitude to be better than the day before. I pause to catch up on social media, check emails, budget n reflect on the week. I took a slight detour to visit a great friend of mine. You know how u haven't talked to someone in a long time n u just feel like; maybe they need a hug. God put it on my heart to go see her n lay hands beyond the form of a virtual meetup. We played catch up n enjoyed emotional moments. I was glad to have lifted her spirits. In order for me to bring the loving energy into inviting homes; I have to be picky with my presence.

I am VERY particular with who I am around n where I am. There are invites I simply need to turn down becuz it's not my scene based on the location, activity or even people involved. Whenever I am in crowded areas I am instantly looking for exits to strategize "just in case" lol but I also want to protect my energy n spirits. I hate to sound witchy but when I am around environments n people that don't align with me, it throws my chakras (lol) off. I want to reflect n give off the vibrancy I take in living a life of wellness. Transfer of energy is real. Being around drama n chaos is draining. Everyday of my life isn't peachy but I am aware of my surroundings enough to know I must be protective of my space n inner peace. It allows me the ability to show up with a positive attitude n clear conscious while being present for those I love. You don't realize how much of yourself u give away interacting n some folks take advantage n leech off u which can stress u the phk out. I guard my time wisely n spend it with folks who absorb good vibes n peace themselves.


I am a lover of anything #cateyes and I meeeean how can u not love such a subtle n less dramatic frame haha. These are from Dollskill (mine are sold out n I've linked the black pair) n so daaaarrrrliiiiing. They often have 25% off sales too. These frames were a whopping $22 so I'll be grabbing the sister pair soon.

Let's get into the rest of the Weekend Couture...this bag is courtesy of my baby daddies knowing me oh so well n gifting me such a beauty. I love quirky bags n although this dainty is long gone, u can keep ur eyes out n also check out another secret stash I shop called box lunch. If your a long legged honey such as myself (5'8 although I feel like I'm shrinking) then u know the struggle of finding a jumpsuit that fits correctly-ugh! I got this from Target tho n it's a great transition into Spring weather. My toe steppers are courtesy of scouring Nordstrom Rack n coming across an off white pump.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program...

As I was sayin...I move with the notion of being picky with who I invite into my space n invest time with. Not to sound like I'm some lucky leprechaun n it's a privilege to be around me; I choose to amongst a circle of people to learn from n ayyyyyyyye with. I don't hang wit no bum bytchez n my circle is full of assets n not liabilities (word from KK). So if u see me in these streets don't be afraid to say heeeeey cuz depending on where it is, it's a rare sighting n ya never know when you'll catch the eclipse again.

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1 Comment

Theresa Holloway
Theresa Holloway
Apr 27, 2021

This jumpsuit is everything and also my favorite color!

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