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When I See U

l know we've grown up hearing the whole "don't judge a book by it's cover". Let's be real-WE BE JUDGING! I know I do. I judge ur appearance, ur approach, how u talk, what u talk about, who ur associated with n I know within the first 5 min of the convo what category u goin in: potential prospect, friend zone, or no thank you. For females it's quite simple, I either associate with u or I don't. I have no slouches in my circle-PERIODT!! How you walk out the house represents u and it matters! My style is quite different n I reflect what I see in the mirror. Going out the house in PJ's n a bonnet would cause my mama to roll over in her grave. She taught me at an early age to be presentable before leaving the house...yall heaux seemed to have dropped the ball.

“You are received the way you present yourself"

-Bangambiki Habyarimana, The Great Pearl of Wisdom

Now let me say this...I am no poster child for any standards as how a woman should dress but I am capable of showing my azz without showing my azz. It's hard for me to articulate it so I lead by example. My #WerkCouture isn't the typical mundane blue n black dress suit with a white blouse. I also NEVER liked stockings so I don't wear them **clutch the pearls** However, one thing I can say is...I know how to dress professional in the workplace. I've observed some females who mama may have skipped the lesson on but I've also seen women older than me with questionable dress codes soooo **scratches head** I'm not sure what memo I missed.

Well since we've been working from home for over a year, I know we've gotten away from dressing the part and exchanged heels for tennis shoes n dresses for loungewear. I am here for comfort. I am also here to not lose my mojo. Ladies...please be aware of the statement u make before leaving the house. Be mindful of how u wanna represent urself in deez streets. It never fails when I dress up "just to go" to the store I get asked...what u dressed up for, lol. Umm...I don't need a reason to pop tags or have an event to attend to wear makeup. It's not wasteful to me. I feel empowered when I represent myself with confidence. In case u missed it, I am over the top even during my Wegmans run n don't feel undressed nere one bit. It's easy to forget we make statements with the attitudes we present n what we outchea lookin like.

For errand runs, yes-I dress up. Even when I dress down-I dress up. I take pride in how I show up n u should too. People treat u differently when u don't walk around Nordstroms in ur loose dingy white tee, lint ball infested yoga pants n pom pom slippers. Good Lawd...have some dignity will ya! I ain't trying to Iyanla yall heaux but chall need to fix ya life. Think of urself as a brand. U are an advertisement when u leave the house. What's the message u wanna convey to the public? When I see people walkin round in their IDGAF couture, it lets me know how u think of urself. SHOCKER!!!! I love how my niece looks up to me, I know it's my responsibility to show her how it's done becuz our image is tainted n overshadowed by what is portrayed in the media. I looooove being a woman. I looooove all aspects and privileges that come with being a woman.

Be a breath of fresh air n give back to the eco system by exuding royalty we were born to be. I always find it interesting how we as women can demand so much yet give the bare minimum starting with ourselves. Go the extra mile, take the road less traveled n push through the difference in being good to great. The universe is so rewarding n we are so deserving when u do ur part. Even if I am in the house I luxuriate in caftans. I wear perfume to bed or just lounging around the house. It will give u that pep in ur step! When u are visually appealing to present urself in a positive manner u then get positive attention. We all have a unique appeal that can be misunderstood if we don't represent ourselves correctly.

I ain't sayin u need to walk out full glam everyday all day but it's important to know we have an underlying attitude we carry n I choose to have a friendly demeanor. No matter what I have going on, I am optimistic to where I don't focus on problems n maintain vibrancy so I am respectful to strangers n bless yall with sunshine. If ur as comfy with urself from the inside, this shouldn't be hard n we can normalize not needing a reason to dress up. Oh yes, I walk it like I tawk it. Control ur image, don't let our image control u!

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