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Pretty Girl Privilege

I tossed this question that pondered my mind on FB where I had a few brave souls speak on it. It was actually inspired by someone who also posed the question; does pretty privilege exist and if u have it, how has it benefitted u. I read comments on the topic which ranged from women who didn't agree with it nor subscribe to it because they think it's a way to "divide us" and some who felt guilty for having it. There's some who know they don't have it n those who use it to the fullest of their advantage. Why do we not wanna accept the existence nor claim the bias of beauty. Here's MY take on this....

To be quite honest...I didn't hear about pretty girl privilege until the last maybe decade or so. I've never noticed being treated differently for being "pretty" because overall I just figured since I'm nice to people in return...I get free shyt. I never intentionally think oooooh I'm so pretty so lemme see what it'll get me today **cue evil laugh** Looking back tho...I'm like hmmm...I had the power all this time n didn't know it lol. The thing is...people are hush n mums the word with #PrettyGirlPrivilege becuz when ur on the winning end, what's there to complain about. It's only the losers who mad n got something to say with the fight of it being "unfair". Society is the one that dictates beauty-not me, not chew! Those on the winning side of the privilege get an easier way of life but there's different perceptions to beauty. It's interesting that the debate of beauty relates to women more than anything because guys KNOW when they ugly n are more accepting to the fact they are facially challenged n play up other qualities to stay in the race. Guys ain't sitting around crying n complaining bout the unfairness of not getting the same attention as the "pretty boys".

Do I have pretty girl privilege? YES! Do I benefit from it? YES! Am I ashamed of societal advantages where I receive things n services unearned? NO! I didn't ask for this life. It just so happen the DNA of beauty from my parents blessed me as they got passed down. Who am iiiii to turn down the blessings God gave me lol. Beauty has gotten me through many doors and out of plenty of traffic tickets. I've gotten free food n overall...people are just nicer to u and more willing to assist when u look good. I meeeean in the office "work husbands" come in handy n I don't lift anything heavier than a box of pens becuz they recognize I'm "too pretty" to get my hands dirty. I also recognize, I do not fit in the societal "norms" n whatever standards becuz I am overweight per the standardized weight chart **looks up BMI** correction...I'm obese **slowly wipes away chip crumbs** n I look nothing like anything walkin around in the ATL. My pretty privilege comes from me just being me.

The downside n con of being the pretty girl is ur already pre-judged based on ur looks becuz they think u get more than enuff attention naturally. I'd have people who didn't know me stereotype me n say "she think she like that"n back in the day when pretty girls fought the opps went straight for the face. Being pretty can be a gift n curse-a handicap even! Oh the pressssure. Yet we say shyt like "looks don't matter" TUH!! Everyone wants to feel beautiful. The fuel of compliments n attention feeds our egos in such a way which is why we love tossing on filters on social media. Women who get dolled up for an event n date nights feel pretty-can't tell u shyt lol.

“Beauty gets the attention, but personality captures the heart.”

-Marilyn Monroe

Life is not fair! Everybody can't be pretty which is subjective in itself. Everyone can't reap the benefits of such privileges n it's not the end of the world (just might take longer to get to the end). We all struggle with self-images growing up and even in adulthood. Regardless whether u have the pretty privilege or not; don't minimize urself for the likes of a fickle society that in the end could care less! There are pretty people who turn ugly by how they treat people n when they speak. Confidence will take u a long way n if u pair it with charisma u back in the game. I find the beauty in imperfections n the essence of an inner glow because I do believe, how u truly feel will always show on the outside no matter how much u try to dress it up in "pretty". Although I was oblivious to it, clearly I've been humble with my powers cuz I could've sure used it for evil n who knows where I'd be **gazes off to the skies envisioning the French Riviera**

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