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Sip Trip: Rewind

Yes...we are in May and this is the first weekend to kick off my infamous Sip Trip for Saturday. Yall know these bring me so much joy whether staying IN due to inclement weather or going OUT. One thing's for sure, u can always betcha bottom dolla by 0730a...I'm strutting into somebody's cafe. Before we get into today's #OOTD let's rewind n look back on all FOUR weekends of Sip Trip Lewks...on these heaux...shall we...

I kicked April off with a fun n playful vibe: Good Grief Couture where u can find all the deets on that post. I enjoyed how the outfit came together. I wanted to take a break from the seriousness of life n recall a smidge of my childhood with these pieces.

When I'm not at my local Starbucks, I go the extra mile for Grind N Crepe, which has been previously featured in 2022. I always go for the Creme Brulee Latte n it hits every time. The barista's are delightful n the quiet quaint town is beautiful before the crowds.

My attire (all from Nordies) was coordinated on a cool weekend n keeping the temps in mind, I kept it comfy with my Nike outfit n kicked it up a notch with my mules from Verano Boutique which is within walkin distance from the coffee shop and definitely worth the gander if ur in Occoquan.

Nearing the end of April, the weather was still in the in between stage which made it perfect for me to whip this set out. The hoodie (on sale, $70, Size M) n joggers (sold out) would be too easy to dress down right? I knew I had the perfect shoes to make this Nike set standout. I've reviewed these Designer Dupes previously so check them out for deets!

I wanted to show the balance with being sporty n the magic accessories can do to take it up a notch...or 2...or 3 by adding wrist candy n a sleek clutch.

April brought more than showers...some of my weekends afforded me a plus one. There are some wknds where I extend my coffee runs to Sunday. This is where Toot joins me for a coffee date n we find a playground thereafter. It's the perfect weekend cap to enjoy each other's company. He likes the plain croissant n helps me with my latte which he always seems to need to "taste" (he likes the foam).

Book'd and Busy Planner


And for the grand finale Saturday of the month, I dug out the shorts u will see hella often becuz they fit just right n pair well w/everything. The shorts from Target clearance ($13) n the Paris sweatshirt from H&M (last Fall).

As fast as April came n went, it was a good month for me. Getting dressed on the weekends is where I can let loose n showcase my creative style after being conservative throughout the week at work. I hope to have inspired yall in some way to challenge urselves on a glorious weekend to take time out for urself with an activity n dress up in the process to feel good. Loosen up, it's only the weekend!! Let's see what May will bring ;)

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