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Carry Couture: Kurt Geiger Tote

I'm very much a lover of Kurt Geiger Bags from the first time I chased down my kelly green XXL which I hold near n dear to my heart. Although I don't collect em enuff, this brand is my go to for not just quality but reasonably priced for MY budget without compromising style. I typically have a main heaux (bag) for every season to carry throughout my week to work which is pretty much a tote. It's a good catchall for me to toss everything in so figured I'd share my changing of the guards, lol.

Hands down this is my favorite designer bag to date in my closet. I bring her out for the Fall/Winter Seasons ONLY!! Typically around early Spring, I put her up n swap into another bag but I get so comfy, she lingers longer. Although YES, I can easily rock my Toni Tote all year round-I just don't. I know she's such a workhorse with me banging it against everything n tossing it all around the car, I just wanna give her a break during warmer months. Now that Spring has sprung...I knew I needed an in between bag until the Summer where I go to a canvas bag.

Becuz I was in the market for a black bag that I will carry for the long haul, I knew KG was the brand to check for. I am a tote lover-again, so investing in a GREAT tote; I won't blink at "Paying the 5 Gina" cuz the cost per wear will exceed the value. I wanted a simplistic style n although the quilt design can be considered trendy...what sold me on this bag...

It's beyond a basic tote n comes with ample room n organized compartments to separate the bag! I was already in love with it but to have a secret compartment in the middle that zips TRULY sold me. I knew it was a tote that I do not already have n was excited to grab.

The outside compartments snap close with the zip in the middle...say whaaaat!! Nevermind the little pockets on the inside of ONE side which allows me to use the 2nd side to carry my smaller pouch. It was exactly what I needed before I knew I needed it.

I initially grabbed mine from Nordies but my order got cancelled so I mosy'd on over to Bloomingdale's who just so happen to have a sale going on so I got some loyalty rewards for $50 to spend by August. I can't gab about it enuff becuz it's so unique n sleek. The best part is how professional it adds to the look of Werk Couture without coming off trendy. I'm almost kinda sad that I'll be putting it up after Memorial Holiday but also might have it share the season with my Toni...who knows.

My summer tote for work is up next :D in case u were wondering but for now...this Spring n every Spring moving forward shall be...My KG Kensington Tote!!

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