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Style Story: Who Gon Check me...Boo, Couture

I couldn't resist the tag line n didn't wanna take too much time overthinking a title so I went with the first thing that popped in my head when I look at this pic, lol. One of my favorite magic tricks to do is...dress up sportswear! It's such a great balance I've tapped into which incorporates my love to dress up with a look meant to be dressed down. Let's get into the show shall we...

The hoodie (on sale for $70) and the joggers are SOLD OUT at where else? Nordies duuuh! I got this AS a set earlier in the year n even paying full price **eye roll** it's still worth it for the design, fit n quality. I've been quite pleased with how Nike has been able to challenge me to be creative n allow me to be comfy at the same time. It was a cool Saturday morning n took it as the perfect sign to pop the tags n take it for a spin!!

I've previously shared my Bottega DUPE Mules in a blog post--> here they are comfy..for a few hours! I wouldn't go walkin miles n over 4 blocks in these. The mules went perfect to pull in the look n accent the checks on the outfit with a POP!!

When in doubt...accessory it out!! Not that the outfit needed anything extra BUT...helloooo have u met me, lol. I kept the wrist candy to a minimal becuz there is a such thing as overkill but I like my whole outfit to just flow. As u can see detail is everything so I snuck in a little #mixedprint by doing a leopard print watch from Springbreak. I've had this clutch since 2020 n it's pretty much been my go to when I wanna finale the a cherry on top!

The crocodile envelope clutch adds texture to the ensemble n will instantly elevate a basic fit.

For my next magic trick...these days if I'm investing more than $50 **cue drop n gimme 50 drop drop n gimme fifty** we gotta get more wears n diversify the look. I tossed the hoodie n tranformed into what I consider to be age appropriate cuz while trendy, I certainly don't wanna blend in wit the kids so I had to go Liberache (Liberace) on these heaux!!

Quick History Lesson:

THE Liberace is a famous pianist, singer n actor known for setting the standard with his glitz n glam the Vegas aesthetic is now known for. I won't bore u but Michael Douglas did an amazing job in the 2013 doc, "Behind the Candelabra".

I totally OG'd (over gold) this look but not in an overwhelming way to make u dizzy. I can see myself wearing this outfit multiple ways but I want to encourage those who only look at athleisure one sided becuz there's more than one way to skin a fit, lol. Something as simple as adding accessories or changing shoes it can change the dynamic of the look! I'll also wear the pants with a black blazer n top w/flats to keep it casual. From the gym to brunch (freshen up first lol)...who gon check me boo!!

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