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Bottega Veneta Rocket Mules

I don't mean to sound like a parrot but if ever u need to trap me ensure u are armed with anything pointy toe'd and mule'd-start there!! Now add a metallic finish and u got a statement piece added to ur wardrobe. When I first seen these last year from Bottega, I knew I'd have to sacrifice an appetite n a left nut in order to wear these. But alas...a sale!

I had to purposely blow this pic up so u can get the full fledge gasp of the price!! While there are things I'd pay the 5 for Gina...I can't justify a comma on shoes when I barely-if ever-do it for a purse! I have boundaries...and also RENT!! While I've not seen the gold on sale, I've contemplated the black/gold ones for as low as $650 at the end of last summer but couldn't bring myself to complete the order.

Now yall know dmnnnnn wellllll...I am pretty resourceful and also patient. These days there's nothing Amazon can't come through with to satisfy my designer needs **cue evil laugh** and so here I am...minding my business when these came across my feed. I said...oh wow...I remember I wanted these...could it be? the answer to my dreams? and more wallet!!

I tend to toss findings in my Amazon Storefront all the time without sharing as my wishlist. You can find anything from Bae Bag ideas to Home Decor and my main ones are Styles n Accessories. Check em out if ur looking for inspo n findings of things u didn't know u needed.

You can find these Bottega V Rocket Mule Dupes--->here. I didn't pay for shipping but not sure if it was a glitch or cuz I got a size 9. Nonetheless, these were under $60 after coupons were applied which is a whopping savings of well over the cost with or without taxes, lol.

The style of the sculpted mules is what caught my eye. The fact its a LOW HEEL, yall know I'm sold but I also wanted to challenge myself with metallics. Going silver would be too cliche given the Renaissance high we've been on n since the investment wasn't expensive, figured I could play around with going bold with gold. This is also why if I'm paying the 5 Gina, it can't be a trendy/seasonal type purchase. Go for the DUPES!! it'll allow u to play with it before taking the full leap and ensure you'll get the cost per wear of it all.

I plan to let these babies do the talkin n keep my outfits simple. You will see me in a white blouse, jeans (or trousers for work) or even some joggers w/a blazer to elevate a casual on the go look. After all...these are walkable for the long haul. Anything wide legs will set these AWF!!! No worries...u know I'll keep yall posted whenever I wear em ;)

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