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Sip Trip Saturday: Grind n Crepe

Annnnnd we back...another #SipTrip to share with you all who love to indulge in intentional time to self with coffee or simply here to take a peek at the drip **pun intended** This wknd's coffee house spotlight is one nearby n off the beaten path of Occoquan, VA. This hidden gem is the cutest spot n the town has plenty to offer if u ever stop thru. One place you should start is...Grind n Crepe Coffee House. It has been my secret weapon n local go to becuz of the friendly staff n welcoming atmosphere upon walking inside.

Aside from the sweet n savory crepes offered, it's the premium coffee's for me! My favorite go to is the Creme Brûlée. It's creamy n sweet! When I'm in a chocolatey mood; S'mores for the win!! I am surprised to see younginz greeting me so early in the morning becuz I'm sure as a teen its a great sacrifice to give up some sleep for work-I appreciate it n give tips for the gesture. After I place my order, I take a seat nearby and someone brings me my cup of love. I've also had a coffee date here recently n indulged in the Nutella n Strawberries crepe which was a delicious addition to my drink.

Since I've been here numerous times (I'm so addicted lol), another latte flavor I've tried is Rose and Lavender. Those are more coffee strong w/a hint of flavor. If ur more a fan of the coffee flavors that don't taste like coffee...avoid those! It's a quaint space where I can do some planning n budgeting in peace. It starts getting busy after 0830a when everyone seems to pop in for a jolt of the day.

This love affair started during the pandemic when I found this spot. I would sit n sip in the outside patio area and then walk around the empty streets. Well...not too empty when u count the residents walking their dogs. There's just something about breathing in the fresh morning air n slowly sipping Grind N Crepe along them Occoquan Streets. Take in the scenery where you'll have plenty of spots nearby to pose. This spot is a ten across the board. If you are in the area or wanna take a quick field trip...Grind n Crepe won't disappoint.

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