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For the Love of Blazers

Tis the season for blazers!! Well...all year round is a good time for blazers-let's be real. You can toss on a blazer with shorts, jeans, trousers and dresses to elevate the look. I love how they give off a polished n posh finish. Becuz I am not a coat person, I opt for alternatives to stay warm n found layering blazers to work for me. Growing up, my mom always had this classic garment in the closet. In a previous #WerkCouture post for Monday Blues I spoke on my love for blazers n gave a quick history lesson from wince they came.

Being an OG in this game...I must say; I am quite disappointed at what is offered these days. It seems as tho the classic style has been cheapened n doesn't give any type of shape. Due to the modern take of blazers, I prefer to opt for actual vintage ones from thrifting. The only draw back to doin that is...sizing n fit. There's no give in the arm area with vintage n wasn't no need for stretch back then. They are far more sturdier n long lasting. I still have some from my mom's stash that are hefty. A really good one will have inside pockets too. It's hella hard to shop for these to give me a solid formation with an emphasis on the shoulders. Give me broad bytchez!! Give me BROAAAAD!!

I learned of Veronica Beard a few anniversaries ago. Kinda have a regret on not getting it with it being on sale at the time ($320) becuz this brand is quite the investment. On the other hand, before making the plunge; it has to be juuuuust right. This crop denim jacket is cute. I love the detail n all but...cute is for kids! I look for my blazers to mean business.

The shoulders for this one kinda gives me the old school look but it's not that POP in the shoulder I'm looking for. Also, I'm not to big on the crop'ness cuz I don't wanna draw attention to the midriff at times. So let's continue...

Who knew shopping for something so simple would be this hard. It's almost up there with shopping for jeans **eyeroll** I'm finding I have to be strategic at this to find THE ONE!! Say hello to "tall girl" problems where the arms aren't long enuff. Sizing is everything!! With VB's I can be anywhere from a 14 or 16. I found an "affordable" brand called Cinq a Sept which I like (don't own one) n can fit a size 14 (if I leave it open lol) but the material left little to be desired.

As u can see with this baby blue blazer, the fit is just a NO GO!! There's no shoulder pads, the jacket in itself is thin even tho the plus of the try on was...I liked the scrunched sleeves n how it hits the hip. Another gripe I have with newer blazers is no liners **cue DMX growl** This is just so frustrating becuz I want that old thang back (uh, ugh, uh) n I'm just not paying the 5 Gina, if it's not up to my standards.

Will I ever find the love of my life? Who knows! I mean, I could switch teams n go to the men's section **le sigh** but then it'll give me that boxy look. There's just an added femme fatale touch women blazers offer, esp a beautiful TWEED!! I'm looking for the full package to accommodate my flappy n fat arms, hips n the ability to button up won't hurt either. While I am lookin-I'm not lookin so it can find me. I am gonna be patient. I'm confident there is a blazer willing to give me my hearts desires n equally yoked to being just for ME. Until then...I'll work with the ones I got n treasure the ones made before I was born.

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Keshia W.
Keshia W.

I love good blazer but you're absolutely right, the quality with some of them just isn't the same as before. It takes me a while to find the right blazer but when I do it makes the search worth it!

kisha no e
kisha no e

Honeychiiiiile!!! It takes like 3 seasons to find the right one lol.

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