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Amazon Finds: Tiny Home Couture

Growing up buying a home seemed to be the American Dream. The ideal lifestyle grow up, have a family n get the modeled house with a white picket fence equipped with the wagging tail of a dog. Today, not sure what the American Dream looks like but I can tell u...if ur in the market for homeownership that won't cost u signing away ur life or needing u to dropping a college fund...keep reading:

I'm a lover of quirky bags becuz they are fun to take for a spin over the weekend n add life into a simple outfit whether errand running, grocery shopping or brunch with the gals. It adds pizzazz to ur wardrobe and luckily for us in this economy...u won't need a downpayment to own this home.

You can find this Dollhouse Shaped Crossbody Bag-->here

I love unusual bags to challenge myself to step out the box when I'm lacking inspo or adding a pep to my step figuring out how to style them. Life is enuff of a struggle so I wanna take a break from the seriousness n loosen up with fun bags! They are definitely conversation starters so grab one n enjoy changing the address without the headache of packing and don't worry about my finder's fee...this one's on the house ;)

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