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Nordstrom Find: Fear of God Essentials

During my random scrolls in Nordstrom, I came across this maxi t-shirt dress. The concept of how I shop is strategic. I go for the style FIRST, cost per wear, how it falls into lifestyle n then cost. I do not shop based on brands unless it's trusted through a relationship (basically I've repurchased many times) becuz I'm not a label whore YET the quality is mandatory. This is where Fear of God Essentials has entered the chat.

It's not often I blindly order off a whim. I've never heard of them but figured...u can't go too wrong wit a t-shirt dress right, lol. I sat on this sitting in the cart for a solid week to do research which meant scouring reviews on YouTube n TT. I didn't find much n honestly didn't see anyone style it in a way that made me HAVE TO have it so I just took my own chance. I did see reviews say how much it was overly sized n I got a Med n Large to compare.

While I will agree...u can definitely size DOWN w/the dress, I opted to go w/the large for a looser fit n longer length. When I see maxi, I tend to expect tall girl friendly maxi meaning it drags the floor. I am also surprised I was even drawn to this dress becuz the monochrome aesthetics of beige, grey n black hues are totally outside of my comfort zone.

I must say...I am thoroughly impressed with Fear of God for this to be my intro into the brand. The price is affordable n on par with the quality. This ain't ur typical Hanes sweetie.

As casual as it is, I was actually surprised to get compliments upon taking it out for a spin. The color is a weird khaki-ish neutral so I sided with gold accents as accessories.

A lot of reviews complained on it fitting too loose which is HELLO CAFTAN LOVERS-perfect for me. I love how it's not wrinkly as some t-shirts can be n it's hefty enuff to where it's not see through. I layered w/a sleeveless dress to avoid a coat and was quite comfortable. I definitely have another one in my cart (Size XL) and I'll need to go to their storefront for the dress in black. These WILL be summer samples cuz I don't have to think hard. I love how they flow without being clingy and the cotton blend feels good. The versatility to wear it sporty chic w/sneakers (or chucks) or errand run ready w/flats and even dressy w/kittens.

This dress is a winner found inside Nordies!! I didn't think such a relaxed n subtle look could make me take such a chance but here we are. Extra love to Jerry Lorenzo, founder of the label in 2013 who wanted to inspire us with redefining streetwear in an upscale manner combined with his faith. I love a good back story!! Definitely check this brand out or leave me some reviews n recommendations if its already in ur closet.

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