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Weekend Rewind: BOLO Season

I didn't realize April is bout DONE!! I had no plans scheduled this weekend n listened to my body n napped as needed after the purge continues lol. I know it feels old lady like to have such a typical weekend routine but it keeps me vibrant n glowing. I know the pandemic is "over" and the weather is breaking but I just don't have a need to be on the scene like that. Now for those new here...EVERY Saturday, I make my way to Starbucks by 0730a. I know-it's early n my body clock drastically changed after my last hoorah aka My Lil Toot so it stuck. After people watching n catching up on IG, I'll head to Wegmans, Target n Nordies; even if its just to window shop, I get my fix. I make a few rounds of catch up wit my friends to check in via FaceTime/phone calls n sit in stillness. I don't always need something to do n I enjoy a bunch of nothings lol. With the inflation n gas cost...I'm doin my own lock down here n there.

Apart of sitting in stillness, I feel a shift happening. Where n how, I don't know but we are in a season of phkn weirdos.

BOLO (be on lookout) SEASON: What I mean about weirdos is being able to listen to ur intuition when people approach u and paying attention to intentions. I think a lot of times, there are guys who get infatuated by the presence I have online. They may have a perception of my lifestyle n becuz I don't move nor have the aesthetics of the typical chick u see online they wanna shoot their shot. In my last post, Power of NO; I mentioned when guys reach out I expect them to have some type of purpose n value to be added to the team.

I am not looking for new friends n I am aware the confidence n vibrant energy I have will attract any n everyone. I have no complaints on the dating field these days becuz what I present doesn't attract bum dudes n there's no shortage of approaches from men. The chicks I see who still complain about piss in the pool are the main ones who haven't done or completed the work n healing. The unfortunate thing for me is...I've been coming across a lot of great guys with no kids n I have to toss em back so they can be great elsewhere. I don't want them waking up resenting me later for not giving them their own kids n I AM DONE!!

Back to the shift happening n weirdos **cue freaks come out at night song**

New levels, new devils right? or whatever the saying goes lol. The discernment I have is high n I am guarded but not Ft. Knox guarded. I'll give some room for the potential to show me something n within a few convo's I can already tell how far it will go. Women will say men are intimidated by us n I don't think that's the case. I think there's a certain angle guys have to learn to approach with when they recognize the typical "what's ur favorite color" doesn't work on chicks like me. There's nothing much a guy can do to impress me! So what can a guy do to get my attention? Little do they know...I respect a guy just being himself. No gimmicks-No fluff-No game. Just their authentic self. I can always tell when a guy is trying too hard or shaping an answer into what they think I wanna hear. They peep my style, how I talk, my kindness n enjoy my smile with my humor not recognizing I am deeper than that. I was called a "conversational lush" which tickles me pink becuz I do love a great convo of shyt beyond the stars. When a dude speaks of anything sexually early, I write em off. If the attraction is there n we already flirting...don't drop no dk pics n make sexual innuendos **eyeroll** like bruuuuh, how old are weeeeee, smh. Guys will always weed themselves out early if u pause n pay attention. We tend to overlook red flags cuz we infatuated with the idea of can this be the one...I hope he's the one...gawd please be the one cuz u tired of being out in deez streets starting from ground zero. This is why it's important to have a LIFE or some business (as Rickey tells me) outside of. U won't even notice the lack cuz u too busy!

Just be careful out here. People will peep the flourishment n thrive-ation n they want IN on the action. Bytchez will try to attach themselves to u in order to "single black female" u not realizing u can't steal yo mama's recipe **Kwame Brown voice** n Fellaz will try to infiltrate becuz they are captivated n look at u as a challenge. Stop em early! Pay attention to their attitude n mindset as it relates to relationships cuz its some bitter n broken birds tainting the pool too. Do not entertain n it's ok to be honest n direct. I've been getting really good at my communication skills opposite of my typical non-verbal lol. I will tell a guy in a minute...this ain't what chew won't so Gawn GIT!! We have no time to waste these days. I wanna preserve my energy to someone deserving not perfect. I am in no rush to get down the aisle n enjoying life at my leisure so when someone does come along who is ready to get down the yellow brick road in bliss they'll be no mistake that it just feels right. It's the balance of it all for me n this is why I enjoy my weekend routines to self cuz it gives me a chance to stop n smell the roses which allows me to make better judgement with a clear heart-no clutter!

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