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Weekend Rewind: A Quiet Place

As fast as life is moving these days, the weekend comes n goes to where u blink and it's MonYAY!! I've always used Sunday for my day of rest but this weekend was different. I had a HARD week n knew I needed to regroup in peace. I anticipated Toot's arrival so I could soak up his joy n innocence as he's a ball of sunshine with no clue to the real world. Well those plans changed as my boys KNEW I needed to recharge with no distractions so they relieved me of my motherly duties n took both boys. It hit me Saturday evening as I sat in these four walls ALONE...this time to self was something I never knew I needed until I got it.

I have a flexible n spontaneous lifestyle most can't fathom with juggling family, jobs n other avenues to prevent them from living off the cuff. For that...I'm grateful. Whether I have one or both kids; it's rare I truly get ALONE time to where I can sit in peace. Nobody asking me NOTHING. Even more perfect...Saturday was a rainy n gloomy day so my car stayed in park. I made coffee at home, did a blog post that'll drop this week n enjoyed company by way of my plants n luxury scents of candles n incense swirling in the air. PURE BLISS!!!

I was able to decompress from a bad week n let go to let gawd. A weight was lifted off my shoulders n I became lighter on my feet. I say all this to say..WE NEED to find a piece of time to rejuvenate n sit in silence to allow a higher being show us how to show up for ourselves n others. I am most creative in thoughts in the morning. I love how I'm not in a rush to allow my spirit to rise in a way to whimsically move in a daily morning routine. If I've accomplished anything...I know THAT has been completed.

I do not wanna convince u guys to be here...u gotta want it for urself. When I say be here; I mean to be in a place to move in slower pace. To be in a place of peace. To be in a place of no worries or at the least...less worries becuz life gonna be what it's gonna be. Relinquish the control of trying to BE in control over what u have no control over. I have adopted the way of life of no expectations n live by nobody owing me shyt. The adage has allowed me to look at things objectively n removing the emotional n personal side of responding. Aaaah the growth in understanding!! I love it here.

I cannot stress enuff the importance of sitting yo azz down. Finding a quiet space. We tend to keep moving thinkin a ball will drop or the world will crumble without us hovering to keep things afloat. I can also see how busy u wanna stay in order to avoid what we don't want to acknowledge (that's up to you to identify)-I understand. When I hit these walls, I remove myself from noise to brainstorm with my frog jumping concept. So how do I start from the lily pad n leap to the next n while I'm taking these leaps; what will await me at the finish line. If u got the vision, that's half the battle **cue I believe I can fly**

As I sat happily home alone, I was able to exhale a horrible week with optimism of moving forward with an open heart. Not all was bad, I randomly bumped into jazz night at a spot to where I dined in vs carryout. I have no problem being a Table of ONE but due to the event, they put me at a table of 2 strangers. I'll share that story later to refrain from a longer post, lol.

What's something u last received u didn't know u needed til u got it? It could be the gift of time...favorite break...visit or similar to my weekend where u got cozy on the couch n sat in ur thoughts in a Quiet Place.

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