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Weekend Rewind: DND

I totally didn't intend on doin a post like this. My plan was to post what I didn't get a chance to do last Friday for #WerkCouture and also prep for this week's recap buuuuut umm...yea...I'm TIED!! I must admit; I do need to manage some time better n carve out space to do this content creating n influencing thang. However, life be life'n I explained earlier-After Hiatus-taking an unintentional break forced me to be present. Although I had no emergencies this weekend, I went to the movies (NOPE) n didn't feel a need to post it. My phone died during lunch n I had no choice but to enjoy eating without scrolling or multiple-tasking playing catch up in the DM's n podcasts. Me n my grandma had matching turbans when I took her for her drs appt, Friday n I didn't selfie us. I love how the greatest moments throughout my day aren't captured other than in (hopefully) my long term memory.

I say all that to say...this shyt can get addictive. Between making the content, editing the content, engaging with content, enjoying content, learning content; u can easily fall in the rabbit hole of getting lost in social media for hours on end. There's an urge after u put it down to pick it up n check for likes n responses within the hour n u back on the rat wheel before u know it. As a creator it can get overwhelming tryin to keep up but truth is...u ain't missing nothing. There's nothing wrong with going dark or in the mode of do not disturb (DND). I am across all platforms except Tik Tok at the moment (I know, I know...I'm working on the transition lol) and I need to find a formula to where I just post n roll. Drop a pic n dip. Although I am back in the groove of posting n creating, I am looking to get on schedule to where I just batch n schedule (blogger tricks) so I can work smarter n not harder.

The heat ain't been the only thing draining me sheesh! I'mma get it together tho yall...this week's Werk Couture is still happening cuz I meeeeaaaan.....I gotta go to work right lol. Summer is coming to an end n Fall will hopefully show up by Oct. The downside to that is...lost of daylight (bloggers nightmare). Water breaks ain't the only thing goin on...I'm tryin to see how to incorporate what shows be doin with a season break lol. Nonetheless, I had a great time this weekend even random photoshoots that'll see the day haha. I just be curious if ever anyone else feels the need to keep up and how are u able to disconnect while building ur brand in this space. At this point, I'm bout to just build a whole social media team to keep up with my life of sharing lol. Just know if n when I fall off ur algorithm for a day or so...I'm just busy outside of the bubble n living in the moments creating memories that'll never be posted :)

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