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Weekend Rewind:Cheers

Cheers to the freaking weekend is all I can hear when I leave work on Friday's. Although I typically don't have too much planned for the weekend, EVERYONE knows what I don't skip a beat on for my Saturday mornings is my #StarbucksRun cuz if nothing else...that's my sanity. I kicked off the weekend with a mommy n son date Friday night (make no mistake...he's not being groomed to be my "sonsband" lol Team No Coddle don't play that). I tend to make time where we go out once a month n chat (basically me catching up to being in his business).

It's so interesting being a mom of a teenager who I am watching transition into a different phase of life n maturity. We joke a lot n we also have serious convo's; like talkin bout shyt I'd NEVER talk about with my parents cuz there wasn't that comfort level. I talk to him with no judgement n listen or hear him out as we call it lol to get an understanding of his POV. The joys of motherhood right...whew!!

This is officially my weekend bag from Freckled and Fancy. I found her by way of Jenn from @redlpstickandpassport IG stories and couldn't resist grabbing this bag. As a tote lover, its perfection for errand runs cuz its open enuff to toss everything inside n has front pockets to hold my AirPods n smaller items. I also picked up a chain link bracelet from her shop which I'd love to have shown yall had it not fell off my petite wrist at work last week :(

I grabbed this dress a few months ago from a Vintage Boutique I found when I ventured off into Delaware called Timeless Tina's. I seen this dress in the back off the beaten path and was wondering why nobody snatched it up. It reminds me of my favorite show; Mama's Family. While the younginz like to make fun of the muumuu nation, I've always embraced it becuz its comfortable n free. I don't do anything fancy to em how they modernize em now. I love the simplicity of leaving it as is. It's the person wearing it who brings it to life.

Since I knew I'd take a trip yonder for a crab weekend couture was perfect for the occasion. We took a drive to visit family in Delaware and I dipped into some crabs from Old Mill Crab House. If you are from the culture of DMV, u are well aware of how we gets down when it comes to crabs. This is bout the only time I can include Richmond n Bmore into the DMV-ness haha. If u are lazy, you'll get crab legs but when u are having fellowship u indulge in the whole crab. There is an art to it all n everyone does their own sauce differently. Old Mill is pretty good if ur into all u can eat style crabs n etc. Buffets do me no justice cuz I get full fast. I got the "mini feast" for 5 crabs (I only ate 2) w/clam strips, fried shrimp (I prefer steamed), chicken n hush puppies soooo YES, the -itis got me **rubs belly** and if ever u wanna beat the rush...go after 5p.

I enjoyed a productive weekend with family n it was the perfect cap to the work week. I enjoyed spending time to self on Sunday where I was able to dip into my planner n snap pics per usual. Later I was in the house for the remainder of the day washing clothes n doing nothings! Aaaaah slowing down in life to really stop n smell the roses feels good n becomes addictive as I get older.

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