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The Power of NO

Being single for a long time has given me a sense of power becuz I've sat my azz down and evaluated my likes n dislikes. I have analyzed the stats of what is out here on display n peeped the market price of what these heaux is serving to re-brand n renew myself to the woman u see before u today. My growth has brought me to a place where I am always in the season to flourish + thrive becuz I don't wanna slip back to the place where I didn't think highly of myself. When u do the "werk" n healing these heaux claim to do, on the other side of it u gain an appreciation of what you'll understand and that there's a balance to life. There are sacrifices of shyt u got to give up in order to operate on higher levels. The word-NO ain't one of em in order to accommodate getting to ur best self.

I have seen too many unfortunate situations of stress coming from people who don't know how to exercise their rights to NO. There's an epidemic sweeping across the young generations called entitlement n those who fall victim of saying yes when it should be no are suffering. My daddy always saaaaid "nobody owes u shyt" and I stand on that becuz there's no need to internalize when someone tells us NO-majority of the time it ain't about u.

There is no success without sacrifice. If you succeed without sacrifice it is because someone has suffered before you. If you sacrifice without success it is because someone will succeed after.

-Adoniram Judson

Why am setting yall up wit the importance of sayin no? After figuring out who I am, I am not compromising the woman I've become for the likes of those who do not deserve me. I am happy where I am now in life and I would love to bring in a plus one who'll be a great addition to the life I've created. New levels bring new devils n this why it's important to have discernment becuz u will notice an influx in folks who are attracted to ur light. Don't waste ur time adding new people into ur life who won't serve good intentions. Some people will circle the block (as the kids say lol) becuz they want some type of closure. I had someone inbox me asking for a "do over" becuz he didn't feel like he gave me a fair chance-TUH!! I ain't even the same Kisha from 6 months ago, let alone anything over 3 yrs. We hold on to such a need to know WHY n I've learned the closure comes from our side-not theirs. I have honed my gift to spot bshyt early on in a person. I can tell how someone approaches me n engages what they looking for n what they think they gonna get wit me. Folks will fall in love with the fantasy of u online or how they peep u from afar. When they go in for the kill, I block that shyt that Mutombo.

The freedom in saying NO feels phkn fab. I am not lonely nor desperate. I'm the most busiest non-busy chick becuz I'm just out here enjoying life at my leisure. Folks think I wake up to a whole line of "good morning" txts or have an array of dates lined up n I don't. I be chillin cuz I hand out a lot of NO's. I don't 2nd guess my gut instincts n give benefits of the doubt anymore. This is all apart of moving with intentions. There are chicks who will envy u and guys who wanna conquer becuz they recognize u are sunshine. They wanna get next to u n ride ur coat tails to see how far you'll let them ride. Be careful. Saying no will save u disappointment n I go off instincts. Folks will try to be adamant on using angles to get next to u, yall know its getting warming up n the vultures are swarming around the pool. I don't accept a bunch of "wyd"-ers. Nah...when u dip into my DM's u better have a point-purpose n value to present; almost along the lines of the 5 W's lol.

Teach a man to honor u by the respect u have for urself

-RC Blakes

Stand tall n strong in ur NO cuz folks out here trying to get over by any means necessary. It takes more courage to say it than not becuz it's not well received. I've said no to things when the flesh was weak n said no to uncertainty cuz I needed to pick a side. There's such a reward when u manage ur priorities and set those boundaries to protect urself. No is self-care and these days for me, the power of NO is a peace of mind.

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