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Style Story: My Birthday Suit

I wanted to pop in during the lunch break to share my #StyleStory for my Birthday Suit. I wanna start sharing the story behind how I put together a LEWK!!

A few weeks ago for Toot's bday, we celebrated his FIF at Disney in FL. I was able to see how much it changed besides the inflation after not having been there since Mason's FIF. I solely focused on NOT overly spending on anything outside of a good time. Well...we walked around Downtown Disney and I was minding my badness when this beauty came across my eyes. I wasn't being impulsive but took note in the was HEAVY which means it's of good quality and the design had already sold me but I wanted it to marinate.

After sleeping on it....I woke up n KNEW I couldn't come back home without it n started trying to figure out HOW to wear it. I was gonna search it for yall but don't feel like it at the moment lol but the design goes all around which I love becuz rarely do u see a continuation beyond the front. The colorful story makes me soooo happy wearing this piece.

Becuz its such a FUN piece, I wanted to emphasize the story n keep it cheeky with polka dots as an added finisher. When u have a standout statement, u don't have to do much. I kept it relaxed in jeans (from clearance at GAP) yet elevated the casual with my shoes.

Black and White Shoes with Mixed Prints
Shoes: Vince Camuto n Jeffrey Campbell

The object of my Birthday Suit was to represent the Forty ThWeeeee and play up the fun but also keep it within my age, lol. My accessories came together in my head to contrast around the sweatshirt. My Polka Dot opera gloves, sunglasses n felt laptop book case (used as clutches) are from Amazon n my bracelets are vintage.

If ever u don't know what shoes to wear with a colorful statement top, default to black n white and even better with STRIPES!! Have fun n let the outfit come together as u see FIT! Don't overthink it n let it naturally collect itself. Now of course I'm just extra n used a vintage hatbox n red sunglasses from Timeless Tina's for the aesthetics of it all.

Thanx for sharing yall lunch break with lil' ol' meeee n let me know what u think when u see THIS! I absolutely LOVE this Disney find n will absolutely be incorporated into being worn ALOT!! I feel young at heart with Mickey n this sweatshirt instantly brightens my day :D

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Jayme Jayme
Jayme Jayme
Jan 28

LOVE these style stories!! Love how this look came together! The sweatshirt absolutely brings a nostalgic feeling! Can’t help but smile!


Jan 27

I absolutely love how you styled your gorgeous Mickey sweater! You never miss!😘

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