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Forty ThWeee

I am now at the age where I gotta break out the calculator n carry the one to figure out how old I really am which boggles my mind becuz in another ten years...Imma have to carry my papers round aka birth certificate to whip out to verify for my own good, lol. I don't care what nobody say though...time be skippin! Cuz like how did I go to sleep Forty n wake up Forty Three!! How Sway? How!! What in the time traveling matrix is goin on becuz this decade is flying!!

Forty Won..Forty Tew..I am actually enjoying my 40's more than I anticipated hence why I've labeled this year Forty Thweeee cuz it's been a helluva ride and I've been getting a kick out of this decade thus far. There's such a certainty of womanhood in this era n it absolutely shows in my demeanor as I walk in my power. I don't allow my past to define me while recognizing they've shaped who I am today. I am happy to share my failures n experiences that haven't been bright sunshines n rainbows becuz it removes the power to be weaponized against me. 

I've lived past my mother's age n time she's walked the earth. Becuz I lost her so young, it's made me move in the direction of being fearless (not in a reckless way) since...what more do I have to lose. With life's experiences, I've grown to live in the space of gratitude n I'm appreciative of every lesson learned throughout this life inasmuch as time being valuable!

Aging gracefully has given me such peace n the ability to enjoy sunrises as much as I love sunsets. If u understood how short of a life we have, you'd stretch em as much as possible n being a morning person has afforded me this luxury. 

So what are my plans for the Big 4-3??? Doin what any baddie would do...jetset off to the magical lands of getting my hair done, lunch with self and my yearly massage at my favorite spa in Old Town Alexandria. I don't need to extend the day by celebrating for a weekend or a month, lol. Yall know my bday's always been lowkey-typical if ur the elder of siblings anyways. I'm fan fares needed. 

Aquarians don't need to make a fuss cuz we have a louder presence with silence ;)

Happy Birfdaaaay to meeee with turning Forty Thweeeee!!

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3 kommentarer

Jayme Jayme
Jayme Jayme
28 jan.

HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAY ON DEEZ HEAUXS!!! You make the era look GEWD!! Save me a seat!!


Brittany Walker
Brittany Walker
27 jan.

Happy Birthday beautiful!!!


26 jan.

Happy Birthday 🎉

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