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Sip Trip Couture

Whew...its been a hot sip of a minute since I've shared anything of a #SipTrip which is my weekly Saturday morning stroll to coffee spots. Mainly becuz more times than not, I'm at my local Starbucks or nearby at Grind n Crepe in Occoquan. Like clockwork EVERY wknd, I'm up around 0530a n continue to rest my body to let the vision of what to wear come to me. By 0630a, I am slowly rising with the sun n start the morning routine so I am out the door no later than 0730a.

I have a whole series here and the origin of how I fell in love with coffee---> here

Who else do u know gladly waking up on a Saturday morning to dress up for coffee???

I'll wait...

So what goes on in my head when I get dressed for coffee? First is the weather! I am NOT a coat person n if the weather is too icky I'll make a Sip Trip to the kitchen n use my Nespresso. But 8 out of 10, I am goin outside for coffee. I've become accustomed to the experience n honestly, look forward to debriefing from the week n engaging with my coffee into Cheers!!

Here is where I encourage laydeez to get a life n carve out time to self to replenish energy you've put out to others all week. Becuz I'm an early bird, I am in love with the quiet before the storm of being in public to errand run. Elevating the style of Sip Trip Couture's is just me being extra so I craft the #OOTD by mood n it can literally change on a whim since the outfit comes together on its own.

I was in a mixed printy mood but didn't want to overthink it. Camo pants (here in 3x) pair well with anything black n white. I just so happen to toss on this vintage houndstooth poncho (from Forever 21 before they went full teeny bopper). The sweater under the cape is courtesy of Chico's (no longer avail) and of course the cherry on top is accessories. This allows u to werk without working hard, lol. I've shared this cute mini pearl bag before n it made the perfect touch in the clutch **pun intended**

No worries of being cold becuz I am in n out. This morning was calling for rain so I dodged a few drops while snapping it up then came right on home after Wegman's. The weekend is where u can truly play around with finding ur style becuz its less pressure than getting dressed for work. Once u get in the habit of getting dressed for absolutely no reason, you'll find urself being the reason. My Sip Trips are practice n I use the feedback from strangers to tweak for later usage but also showcase my personality.

Get Snazzy n Have Fun!! I'd looooove to see if u all are as crazy as me gettin up so early to get dressed up-TAG ME!! Next time u wanna make a coffee run, play dress up n make note how u feel afterwards.

Happy SaturYAAAAY!!

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