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Werk Couture: Abracadabra

For those going back into the office, it can be challenging to get back in the groove of what to wear and how to wear it after working from home soooo long. Business Casual has changed and became the norm making it less "stuffy" in the workplace. No longer is wearing a suit everyday expected n relaxed looks have been the wave. However, let's not get TOO relaxed here. Depending on WHERE u work and who u work FOR, let's consider some options to kinda...trick the eyes a tad.

I created #WerkCouture as my diary of creative expressions through what I wore into the office. Growing up, I've watched my mom wear the typical professional attire which consisted of work suits. It was either work trousers or skirts with a white blouse and blazer. After an extensive career period holding down many office jobs and even shift work, I've learned how to play it safe with office attire and still incorporate my quirky personality playing dress up. Aside from my hard working skills to generate great performance reviews, I am quite known for "what will she wear today" and being the sprinkle to the office. In order to pull this off...u have to read the room aka know the culture of the environment n move accordingly.

For today's lesson, we put a spin on casual yet still keep it business. This is totally a Friday look becuz the style just isn't boardroom certified lol. The foundation is a relaxed lounge set from Amazon (Size XL) and feels in between suede n velvet. Becuz the top is twisted n cropped, I moved the waist line higher to avoid any peek-a-boo action which is NOT appropriate in the workplace. With the foundation being a tad leisurely, I fool'd the eye to wear mules vs sneakers.


These Andre Assous "Norma Featherweight" mules did the trick. It helps give the illusion of keeping the look professional even though u are totally relaxed from head to toe, lol.

Speaking of toes, yall know I'm typically a pointy toe gal but the boxy toe of these mules gave me a good medium n reminded me of coffin nails where u can get the mix between stiletto n boxy at the same time. I was drawn to the minimalistic nature of these shoes (and sale) w/a slight wedge. Being comfortable w/o sacrificing style-I'm SOLD!!

Now that we've gotten the basics out the way...lemme give u what u came here for-this reversible jacket. I've had this for a few years now after finding inside Potomac Mills Mall. There's an African Boutique I tend to swing pass when I'm there and I can always find accessories n garments of good quality. The reversibility gives 2 outfits in an abracadabra on u heaux lol.

The reversible jacket is a great way to get more value on the dollar. I also have another one of these in a pink/green combo. The design makes it a statement piece so to pair the jacket with leisure takes it up a notch to distract u from thinking I'm running errands or hitting a jazzercise class haha.

What does a Casual Friday in the office attire look like for you? Share in the comments!

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