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Re-Intro: Fun Fax

Every few 500-1k followers, I tend to do a re-intro. It's like a welcome to the newbies and the shenanigans of my space. I am also shy at intro's. Whenever we had to do these for classes, I felt so vain talkin bout myself. Like I don't know...sounds like I'm speaking on myself in the third person lol. So who am I...

I started blogging yeeeaaars ago. My history actually extends to Kandid Koilz when I first started my #naturalhair journey in 2009 after joining with my co-worker who persuaded me to jump in the game. I immersed myself in the life n documented my growth n found friends via Curly Nikki and local meetups. Fun times!! I loooove to write; my vintage blog can be found here-I do plan on reviving some of them to transition them within this space but my natural hair chatter then turned into random thoughts n fashionable shares. As a former model, I love to take pics n they're often times snapped by me (unless Mason is free **eyeroll**)

Over the years, I've cultivated my space to share my lifestyle becuz I'm a mix of everything n don't like to just be in a box of only n just **insert one signature** and more so figuring it out as I go along. I'm just getting to a point of consistency n it's been paying off. I've gotten invites for podcasts n VIP events for fashion shows which tickles me pink becuz it's so unexpected. My target audience is within my age group (generation): Forty Won becuz I toss in vintage references only...we get; plus the newer generation finds Fresh Prince funnier than Martin-crazy right!! I am well aware I am in the "auntie" category which is fine with me. I am not tryin to nor can I keep up with these younginz. I've had my time n just watch from afar as they enjoy theirs. I have my own younginz who tend to keep me quite young n hip.

A mom of two boys with an age range of a teen to terror tot. My mini me's, my before n after's, my sweet innocent angels. I pride myself on ensuring I had some happy babies by not stressing while they were in the womb. They both wake up wit a smile n giggle in they sleep. I'm enjoying the early days when kids actually wanted to be around they moms until the terror tots turn into treacherous teens **eyeroll** While my oldest is not treacherous in any way, he's quite simple n doesn't ask for much. These kids these days just....different but we have a strong tribe and their amazing dads who be hating on my motherly love when they tend to velcro to my underarms.

I am the homiest homebody of the homebody-ers! I have never been a socialite. I cringe at crowded places yet I do enjoy being amongst society n people so I balance the whole introverted-ness with a dash of extrovert as the spirit hits. I love the idea of bumping into strangers and learning different walks of life annnnd the flip side is...I always need a recharge n time to self. Even at work sometimes I do "Me days" or "mental health" days to do NOTHING or just spend time with myself n go around solo. So I don't totally avoid people lol-I love yall. Meetups n taking relationships beyond the screen is important for humanity. So if u see me in these streets, say Hey!- I do not bite and I am approachable!

While it's a no brainer to majority of the time find me home...the times I do venture out u can always and I do mean ALWAYS find me in my main 3 locations during the weekend. I find such pleasure n joy in maintaining my happy by being present as my way to decompress from the work week. I have such an obsession n should dmn near be an ambassador for these places lol. I definitely have stock involved haha. My Saturday's can NOT get started without my presence amongst these places I frequent n it's pretty much my "Cheers". I am a familiar face n we look forward to each other at this point n greet on first name bases.

And in that order: Starbucks, Wegmans and Nordstrom

There's no one who can self-care more than I care bout self over here!! Saturday mornings are my peace + tranquility I look forward to in efforts to kick start my weekends. I am out the house by 730a n my IG stories begin with my signature song "A Beautiful Morning" by The Rascals as I scroll to my first stop-Starbucks! As I sip on my drink (anything caramel-ish) n this is where I play catch up on social media, plan out my day and update my planners n people watch. I have a small household n I prefer my foods fresssssh so I shop weekly at Wegmans. It's mandatory for me lol. U know ur an adult when u get excited at finding new snacks n foods to try at the grocery store. After dropping off groceries n straightening up the house; I head off to Nordies (or Target). Even if I'm just window shopping or just seeing something from my wishlist in person, it's my tiny piece of happiness and then my day can begin!

My fashion sense is ballsy with the sense that I'm open to trying shyt outside the box n my style is in honor of my mother. I balance the two by dressing in a manner to show my personality and carry an ode to my style icons with how I carry myself in the couture of it all. I come from a long line of models-ok just my grandma n mom-so I battle the lines between risky n polished. I shop n wear in what makes me feel good n represents a story I want to convey upon arrival. I'm not a trendy dresser becuz I can't keep up n there's something refreshing to enjoy an older era with a modern spin. I prefer transitional styles where I can wear year round. I grew up in fashion shows n watching them on the weekends so my walk is perfected to using every aisle, sidewalk n hallways as a runway. When u look good, u feel good and it's my way of giving back to the community!

Between being a mom, fully employed and juggling balls of life; I enjoy creating intentional time to blog becuz I love writing n sharing my random thoughts with the masses. It also doesn't hurt I'm always down for a photoshoot. U won't see a bunch of luxury unboxings-not the way gas prices looking these days but I can sure nuff share some totes under $100 I find worthy enuff to "splurge" on. You won't see me strutting in stiletto's but u gonna get every bit of these kitten heels. Oh travel...yup, got cha covered. This summer I'm definitely gonna be poolside...of my luxury living amongst my residence after a picnic on the greens across the street near a lake! I have nothing fancy to sell u on, I'm just a blogger who looks forward to share in hopes to Inspire...Motivate and Elevate!

Be sure to Share, Subscribe and Like...if the spirit moves u...comment :)

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