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Forty Won

Here we are...baaaack at it again! It feels like just yesterday: Lordie I'm Fo'Tee when I entered into this next stage of womanhood. After a whole notha rotation round the sun I am Forty PLUS ONE!!! Wow! I have learned to embrace this aging process **cue random knee cracks** as I am now saying shyt my parents said n being that annoy'd old head who shakes her head at the antics of these young grasshoppers. Since leaving those roaring 30's, I am learning to steady work on growing every day.

This year I've titled my birthday Forty Won becuz that's how I feel making it here. With the state of what's going on these days, I can't but to feel like I'm winning after using my abilities to create the life I want. When I sit in stillness, I'm able to really sit in peace as I hibernate so I can feel and be in touch with my feelings. I can go for a walk and not a breeze in sight yet see the leaves or grass move. Living in the moment has become a craving to where I don't cave into pressures to be online every day n overly work as a blogger. These breaks allow me to refresh ideas and not force creativity.

At this point I am not trying to prove anything to nobody! I am living in my time where I’m proving to myself I’m everything I’ve believed to be and I’m doin it on a higher level which has become a lifestyle! I look in my mirror a lot of times and I am effectively communicating with my words instead of my attitude. So what do I have planned to celebrate? My typical spa day! I am a simple gal n Aquarians don't look for fan fares n attention. I'm not a party type chick. I'm lowkey n appreciative of the love near and far by way of cash app and Nordies gift cards! I am always open to receiving my blessings :)

These 40's have been off to a great start and I look forward to what FORTY WON will bring this year...hope to be around next year to keep the party goin...THANK YOU ALL for the well wishes n gifts of love. I love how yall love me!!

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