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01 April

Helloooooo April and what's known for showers! I am open to receiving all my blessings in the form of showers. We are entering the 2nd quarter of the year and I'm finally feeling like I'm getting traction on organizing my 2024 with aligning priorities with action. Reviewing Q1, I can say my birthday month was a blur as I slid into February with more of a grip on what I wanted my 2024 to look like which lead to my theme: Simplicity.

March became more stable for me becuz I spoke about curving my spending to pay things off n reliably shop in preparation of an upcoming college kid n overall adulthood. I can honestly report my Nordie's expenditures have slowed down with more intentional shopping n disgusting myself with these purges to declutter. If you read my 01 March post; I had some due outs that I'm happy to have accomplished :D

Feel free to catch up from ALL March posts to see what's been checked off the list. 

Salon Couture in Forestville, MD
Nail Inspo: April Showers

Nail Inspo for DMV nails
Nail Stylist: Sharisse at Salon Couture in Forestville, MD
“Love life. Engage in it. Give it all you’ve got. Love it with a passion because life truly does give back, many times over, what you put into it.”

While Spring season is a time for renewal, I also want to use more time to relaaaaax. Every quarter this year I wanna make sure I schedule a Spa Day and sneak in at least one staycation and weekend getaway to unplug from the world. I've had such a tug on my spirit to unplug more often than not to live outside n OFF the grid but trying to find the balance of still being connected to my community via social media. 

So what's on the docket for April? Well...this month marks a full year of Pilates for me. It also marks my 10th Sleeve-versary (WLS) and I'll be happy to give an update to both. Thanks to daylight savings, I'm able to get back to evening walks to decompress the day n add more movement to break away from laziness. Maybe I'll dust off my Sip Trip section becuz I have discovered new spots and I do plan on diversifying my resume to add some A.I classes for professional development n challenging myself to learn something new. 

What's on your list to do for April? Spring Cleaning? Doing something you've been putting off? Let me know in the comments. 

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