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Pardon My Fringe!!

Yes, I know it's Spring n while we are transitioning; I'm getting the last wear outta these coats. Since I'm not big on coats, I don't spend a lot for them n prefer to thrift em. The beauty of vintage coats are...they are heavier since they don't make em like they used to n I ain't gotta drop more than $50 for em lol.

If this coat looks familiar, it's from this post----> Tory Burch Clock Watch<----- it's great for layers n WILL keep u warm. When I seen the sister coat of this version...I had to have it.

And in my favorite color...Hell Yea!! Pardon my Fringe!! I've found both of these from my girl, India Rose' of @shopvintageboutique on IG. This is one of my top shops for vintage! I get numerous compliments when I wear these show stoppers.

Fringe is a fun texture n detail that became popular in the 1920's with Flapper Couture. They became fashionable extending to jackets, skirts n accessories throughout the 60's n 70's. The fashion of fringe is a classic look. I remember being introduced to it in the 90's n never looked back!

Are u feeling fringe-y? Do u partake in the trend or nah?

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