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Tory Burch: The Clock Watch

Not sure if yall notice buuuut...I am not much of a jewelry person. I'd rather decorate with costume jewelry of the sorts but nothing from an actual jewelry store. My dad is quick to tell u the story on how when I was little, he got me an expensive watch. I remember it too. It was Minnie Mouse watch with leather red straps. Not sure how it broke but I mean...I was like 10-gimme a break, sheesh! Ever since he hooped n hollered bout this expensive broken watch n kindly-randomly reminds me, I've never been interested in the hype of jewelry.

Fast forward to aging gracefully and learning the value of all the things we find joy we are. I am growing up. I just got on the Apple Watch train a few years ago n love it. It's fun swapping out the bands n take it from casual to dressy. Even that look needs a break. When I seen this beauty at Nordstrom, the full price tag ($350) had me putting it in my wishlist last summer. I always peeked in to check on it which meant I knew I wanted it. So imagine my surprise when Nordies wanted to bless me after the holiday's to put it within my reach.

Tory Burch Clock Watch
Tory Burch Clock Watch Bracelet

The price dipped down to $230 and with the strength of gift cards, this baby was coming hooooome to mama!! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to me. This Clock Watch Bracelet is soooo gorgeous in person. Totally worth the sale price! It's currently sold out at Nordies (keep an eye out for restocks tho) and I found some available at Bloomingdale's and Tory Burch site (you'd prolly need to search the closest stores to ship to u). I love the details of the watch n quality time piece. I am a fan of their accessories n have a growing collection of their earrings n bracelets. You'll be seeing more of this beaute as arm candy.

**The best part of online shopping is getting CASH BACK with Rakuten. Definitely sign up if you haven't already n enjoy cash back from purchases.

FYSA: Bloomingdale's is 6% and Tory's is 2%**

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