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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021

This is by far my faaaavorite time of the year. I save up all my nordy notes for THIS moment. I stop shopping summer clothes n get into Fall mode during this grand event becuz in my eyes...summer is OVER!! #NordstromAnniversaySale is my "prime day"n my Xmas in July. I get so excited every year and this year I'm celebrating my 11th Anniversary. At this point, there is an art to this game. Back in the day, Nordstrom would send out a preview catalog so u can map out what u wanted with teasers. There are set dates when ur able to shop but now they have different shopping tiers based on how much u spend a year. I am an "Influencer" status so my access was granted, July 16th and those who don't have an account...u know...the commoners can shop July 28th. These anniversary prices are good until August 8th and then...the price goes UP! Here's how last years sale

My strategy is to pretty much browse the catalog n create a wishlist of my "needs vs wants" which always ends up a gumbo of both at some point. The categories are: beauty, shoes, home, Werk Couture n whatever else may catch my eye lol. What I've learned is some of these deals roll back around during the holiday season so I often times skip on em. There are also hot items that sell out before the sale is open to the masses but u have to kinda get a feel on what the great deal is, for example: Item normally $100 (and typically rarely on sale or great bundle deal) is now 25% off. As the years go on, u can get a gauge a good deal which is typically in the beauty or home department. I definitely scaled back this year. I normally set a $500 budget n challenge myself to be under it. Quite sure this year I WON!!! Sooo where should I begin?? Beauty shall we...

These Tom Ford sets are always a hit. I have the full size bottle of the original shimmer body oil ($100) and these travel sizes are good deals to pick between a rose gold glow or bronze glow ($72). Yall know I am too cheap to buy full size bottles ESP of TF so the atomizer set which is 3 different Soleil scents is also a good look ($164) but these are the kinda deals that'll rollback around during the holidays so I skipped.

Anastasia Brow Wiz is my faaaavorite for brows. I go through these the most n even great to use for beginners. They are $23 by themselves so I would've totally grabbed this double pack for $33, the clear brow gel does nothing for me cuz I barely have brows to begin with lol. I skipped on this set ONLY becuz I like to mix my brow shades and these come in the basic shades: medium/dark/soft brown and taupe. I use caramel n auburn (mixed w/Mac Spiked).

I loooove my bath time. This Herbivore Botanicals set ($35) is a good intro into the line n my fave is the bath soak becuz its like bathing in milk n leaves ur skin so soft. The L'Occitane set ($50) was tempting becuz I do like the scent n how supple the skin feels rubbing this on in the shower.

Last year this set was $68 and this year it's $70. If u want a dip into the luxury of Dior, start here! The lip glow is MY FAVE ($35) which I go through heavy in the cold months and the maximizer ($35) is good gloss for the plump effect (no sting). This set also comes with a mini mascara. In my opinion, I'm not new to this game so it's an easy skip for me. If I'm a newbie in the game-sure! only for the free bag cuz the mini mascara wouldn't move me...meh! Also the shade is clear so I'd rather just purchase em separate to pick my own tint. If they REALLY want to make this set of value, the mascara should be a full size (at least) and the lip glow should be a different shade.

#Kiehls is one of my favorite skincare lines that I definitely keep in rotation. The Ultra Hydrators set is perfect for colder months n I actually use the face cream daily. This power strength concentrate serum is what I use under my eyes n pat it around to my lids but it's intended to be used all over the face. Out of both of these, I'd skip the serum duo (and only buy the smallest size for $22) and as much as I love the Hydrator set, I'd also skip it n just get the facial cream (1.7 oz $32).

As a former #MacGirl aka Mac Whoooore, I always stop pass to see their sets becuz 'back in the day' Mac Sets were highly anticipated but it just got redundant for me. When it comes to beauty sets u can always n I meeeean ALWAYS depend on the same ol' shades to include: nude, red n peachy shades (that lean towards nude lol). Perfect for beginners but...I've moved on n I don't wear makeup like I used to. I save a lot of monies skipping the beauty section lol.

Aaaaah, my favorite section that really don't need to be especially since purging my closet we are! I was literally inside Nordstroms for like a solid four hours with NO BREAKS!! Trying on clothes is a whole job. I had to be strategic so I went straight to the yellow tape section (indicating the sale) n grabbed some wishlist items. Apparently, I was too late for some of my pics and a lot was already sold out.

Open Edit Satin button up shirt and matching wide leg pants which I had to grab online ASAP n the bigger sizes are now SOLD OUT!! I listed an alternate set within the same price range as a Plan B: the ribbed button up cardigan, which also comes in brown n matching pants which I've only seen in plus size n only one shade, the blue. I skipped this set cuz I wanted brown. That #Halogen dress was a HIT!! I tried on the size large n felt I needed to go UP a size for comfort n the ability to NOT wear shape wear. Well instead of ordering at the counter, I let it linger n by the time I got home the only size left was XXL **le sigh** I ordered it but afraid it'll be too big up top...stay tuned. This Julia Jordan dress I wanted to see in person but...was clearly too late n I didn't anticipate it selling since it's...well...I didn't think by design folks would be interested lol. However, I do have the sold out pieces in my wishlist awaiting folks to do some returns n exchanges within the coming weeks (hopefully BEFORE the sale ends).

Since I didn't wanna be greedy n I really was disappointed in my sold out items, I strolled around n came across somethings for Wishlist 2.0. It's a list where it's like eeeeh, I don't need em but it would be nice to have. Like this lovely n cozy Nike set:

This set will come in handy for my Saturday Morning Routines.

Errand Run Couture:

Shorts $30

The top is a Size M n bottoms, XL. I'll prolly get this set in black tho. It's soooo comfy.

This is where u can take a quick coffee break becuz I know yall in need of an intermission with as long as this post seems to be...don't worry...we almost done. We can close this out shifting to the section that pretty much takes up the chunkiest part of the budget...

Ugh, Kurt Geiger London bags are inching their way into my heart. Ever since my green bag in this style, I've been in collector mode buuuut holding out. This grey smoke version is so sexy in person. I grabbed no bags but came across some good ones...I won't bore u with those n toss em in another post.

I can't NOT take a peek in the shoe section. Fall is the perfect time for MUH MUH MUH MUUUUULES!!! I mean #mules are no brainers and anything pointy toe is LOVE!! These Ganni boots did catch my eye but I'll need to catch these at Nordy Rack!!

I just wanted to highlight and welcome a black owned watch company; SPGBK in this gorgeous mint shade. The watches are normally $80 and this anniversary shade is $50. They have other shades (not apart of the sale) but keep this brand in mind for "Bae Bag" stuffers.

And last but not least...I've heard a lot about these Barefoot Dream throws that seem to be a homebody's dream. Being as tho that'll be the only place I can afford to be messing wit this sale...I'll indulge...on Round 2. I am trying to decide which throw I'm gonna get becuz the one I want is $120 but there's another for $98 n I can't understand the difference cuz they both bout the same to me.

Ok u can wake up now!! Yall know how much I love Nordies n I could've went into a more extensive post with recommendations...smash or pass hahaha!! These were just things that caught my eye while I was in-store. U can also book a stylist (hmm...I should apply for that) where they can pull some items for u to ur liking n style. I am actually gonna try that service this week to take advantage of a $50 credit they give u towards ur shopping experience.

Is anyone else as obsessed with #Nsale as much as me? What chall getting? Tag me in ur hauls. I can either live vicariously through u or add them to my own wishlist in which that case you'd be an enabler **cue eyeroll** Happy Shopping!!

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