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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

It's the mooooost wonderful tiiiime of the yeeeeaaaar :) I've been a Nordstrom member since 2010 so this is officially my 10th year indulging in their annual Anniversary Sale. It was during a time where I was getting into the makeup world and jumped head first into Bobbi Brown, MAC, NARS and yea...crazy times!! They have so many great deals that I just couldn't pass up. The best part of the good ol' days was getting that infamous Nordstrom Preview Catalog of the upcoming anniversary kid. I would mark it up like kids when they get the Toys R Us book to make a Xmas wishlist. I would add...remove items from my wishlist leading up to the day of early access. A special invite would pop in the mail to shop "before others" **pinky wave** whether it was special hours set for private shopping or where its roped off for exclusive Nordy card members-I am a kid in a candy store!!

I've honed in on my strategic approach over the years and this year put it to the ultimate test: STICK TO A BUDGET!! With our DMV area basically not returning into the work office til...oooh 2021, I knew I didn't need to shop for work clothes. I also knew with Mason not returning into the classroom that spared me on some school shopping I'd normally do-even though he doesn't like what iiiiii pick out AS IF I don't have drip. So that left me with grabbing things I "need".

luxury beauty
Dior Lip Glow is my favorite lip balm EVER!

Soooo what did I get? Wellllll...since the catalogs have been discontinued, I relied on the preview guide on their site when it dropped and put stuff in my wishlist. I was technically waiting til later but randomly one morning said...hmm...isn't the sale happening? As long as u have a card they not gonna say no so I went on over there first thing Sat am and whatever was on my wishlist halfway went out the door **cue horror scream** because although I do mark my list online, they also have deals in-store that don't show online so it's always best to go inside (for me-and I just prefer the in-store experience)!!

Disclaimer: I know during the pandemic the times are a tad rough and people may not be comfy with in-store shopping, I am comfortable with how Nordstrom has been handling their practices since they've reopened. They've been great at taking precautionary measures the best way possible and u get the same quality customer service.

The beauty section is where I head to FIRST and is normally a half of my budget. The sets is where I find a lot of value in newly discovered brands I've been eyeballing to try or just to re-up on some of my faves. So lets seeeee....what did I snag...

luxury candles
If u ever wanna find ur signature scent...this set is always THE ONE!
diptyque roses candle
Roses is my favorite! It's a sophisticated floral scent.

Although I have really been heavy into supporting local black businesses when it comes to candles, I will always grab this set from Diptyque because its a great value. They have em bout twice a year: anniversary sale and holiday season. A full size of these are about $70 (smaller ones for $40) and don't think u gonna wait around for a sale-TUH!! These are luxury candles and even limited editions sell out quicker than u turn around when u hear a sneeze these days! I can light these in the bathroom and it fills up that space and my bedroom. Don't try to take shortcuts and get the scented oval (like I did one time), it's not as potent as the candle itself but good for small closet spaces-still not worth it for the price.

Fall/Winter 2020

Fall Winter Trench coat 2020

I am not a coat person because I go a short distance from the car to the building/destination and I'm not driving with a coat on lol. I skipped a lot of winter attire for the simple fact that I'll be home more often than not.

The kids section has good deals for their shoes and Nike clothes. I always stocked up on his joggers and t-shirts. The baby section omgggg...makes me wanna...yea nehmind!!

Neon Uggs
Can you guess which ones I got?

These Uggs feel soooo good. Never been a house slipper lover but for the price...they were irresistible! The ones on the left are sold out, the ones on the right are available but the hot n trendy colors go quick!

With all the hand washing going on I did NOT wanna pass up on this deal, L'Occitane hand cream is loooove!! This duo is full size (5.2oz) which is about $30 a piece so no surprise this set is also...SOLD OUT but I've linked the next best thing to luxuriate ur hands keeping them from going crypt keeper on u. Also, to note the lavender foaming bath is DEFINITELY something to try. I've always loved taking baths n this kicks ur tub time into a luxurious spa. It's no longer sold at Nordstroms or Sephora but u can find it at their stand alone stores or online. Lavender is my favorite scent n this is hands down THE BEST lavish lav scent ever. It's rich n creamy n I use it sparingly due to the price but yea...treat cho' self.

Nooo surprise this deal was snatched up QUICK from Lancome!! 3 full size mascara's (the white one is a booster to intensify the color) plus one of the best eye removers (MUFE is my holy grail tho). Although I'm not heavily into makeup anymore, I do wanna keep it simple as possible. I haven't brought myself to get lashes "installed"so mascara it is!! Quick pick me up for those "no makeup" days. I've been a longstanding lover of Lancome so this was a re-up for me.

I have a few more that I'll share here n there...won't bore u now lol. The Anniversary sale opens for everyone Aug 19th and the prices go UP Aug 31st. If u hoard nordy notes like me, now's the time to use em...or save em for xmas time. Luckily, I stayed within my budget **cue ramen on the menu for the next 2 paychecks** but I dropped the hammer on my double points day + saved notes so I'll splurge during holiday season (to myself). A lot of the faves or hot items prolly sold out but randomly keep an eye out for restocks. There really wasn't anything within the sale that was a "must have" and if u missed out more than likely it'll roll back around again during the holidays. Treat cho' self to something and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SHOPPING!!!

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