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Hello Spring '24

Oh Hey Spring **ha chew** is that you??? **grabs Zyrtec** Now if you TRULY know me, you'd know...this is where Kisha No E starts to wake up from hibernating from the Winter n get in my bag. I love the changing of seasons n whether we gain or lose an hour from daylight savings, I'm grateful for every minute n look forward to taking advantage of creating memorable moments to toss in the 2024 basket.

Typically January 01 comes so fast, we are still trying to gain control after the holiday's to get back in the groove. By March is where I get a steady balance on steering the wheel for a year. I've been taking social breaks here n there to get some clarity n silence random noise. This month acts as renewal. We get extra daylight-YESSSSS!!! This gives me time to enjoy evening strolls after work in between pilates. This allows me to enjoy sunrises during slow mornings n sunsets on my balcony.

The pandemic turned me into a plant lover. I repot my plants throughout the home as needed. Mainly my monstera's cuz they grow crazy n I do inventory to add to my collection. I'm overdue to renew my balcony for an outside oasis. I tend to do this every 3 yrs or so n it makes me so happy! I'm outside in a different way, lol. Even if ur not a plant lover, I'd highly and I mean HIGHLY recommend u treat urself to blooms. Enjoy ur flowers while ur here!! I tend to do weekly blooms becuz I love being greeted when I open my eyes to walking in n out the house to fresh flowers. I make my own bouquet and grab some from Trader Joe's or Wegman's. I am looking to invest more into an actual florists this season to support so if u have recommendations...that'll be great. Becuz florists are pricier, I'd add em into a monthly budget. Flowers n plants elevate the vibe in making the house a home. Mood setters!!

Let's get to the fashions!!! The Spring Trends suggested have been hitting the streets with creators dropping all types of vids on what they see headed our way. The fashion world is always forward so by the time Spring gets here, we are already seeing what to expect for Fall. I know...I know...we just got here right but in the world of fashion...designers don't sit around n twiddle their thumbs to marinate in the current season. For ME, I'm not a trendy shopper. Last year the cargo's came back n I told yall...I was skipping cuz I had enuff of em in '02 n nem. I'm also in the season of boredom as I'm tired of so many clones so I'm more apt to adjust n dress my age (yes, I know that term is also controversial) becuz my resume speaks for itself. Feel free to comb through and even revisit the trend which has grown this season that I was on the forefront of **pops collar** Top Fashion Trend of 2023

I can give my forecast of my own Spring Trend now...I love to go with themes and for 2024 it'll tie into my Year of Simplicity concept. Yall know I like my "show ya azz without showing ya azz" motto, lol and although I'm not press to be seen-I just can't help it. I believe the attention from it comes from the fact nobody really puts in effort to be presentable n the lack of range amongst our people. I just wanna be a solid representation of what I'd like to see around me n also an option for younger girls to look up to and SEE everything doesn't have to be too tight n daisy duke short to fit in **no pun intended** wit the cool kids! My niece already know...I don't play that n Auntie Kisha is a reflection of this.

I owe yall some posts don't I?? March due outs...EEK!! Lemme get on it cuz the first quarter is almost over as we head into April. So loooong to the Winter Blues n Helloooo to Sensational Spring. Any plans for the season? Trying anything new? Revisiting an idea u didn't do last year? Share in the comments.

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