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01 March

Hellooooo March! Winter blues are slowly fading and hibernation season is almost over. I get antsy around seasonal changes becuz i love welcoming new beginnings.  As Spring does allergy season **blows nose** and between wonky weather n new variants of diseases...I can't tell if it's a cold...flu...RSV...MTV...BBD!!  Who knows. I still have a dry cough that's been lingering since I was sick in Jan. 

Anyhoo...going into the Spring season, I also delight in daylight savings. Spring FORWARD meaning we lose an hour of sleep! Yall know I'm an early bird so whether we lose or gain an hour makes me no nevermind lol. I do appreciate the extended sun time so I can go for my evening walks after work. 

What is on the board to accomplish this month? I am still goin strong with LOW BUY and simplicity for the year. It's given me the chance to do a full inventory on what I have n to shop the closet. I also realize how wasteful I've been becuz to see outfits I've yet to wear **le sigh** Mason will be traveling for an HBCU College Tour **cue increased heart rate** so shyt is getting REAL!! Contemplating the downsizing of my lifestyle n living is making true ADULTING decisions these days.

All is far. This is my brief monthly check in wit chall as we freshly start a new month. Coming up on the blog this month:

Cherry Blossom Season

Spring 2024 Trends

Amazon Finds

Clean Your Mirror Post (or 2...who knows)

Black Girls in Nordstrom: The Origin

I appreciate you ALL for messages/comments left here or my social media accounts and those who send a quick txt cuz we are beyooooond the screen, lol. I'm navigating a way to revamp my role within the social space while balancing less screen time so...if I fall off the grid; yall know where to find me.

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