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Top Fashion Trend of 2023

Why yes, the denim craze came back n those bulky cargo joints I skipped cuz I had enuff of them in the early 2000's are off the top trends to think of. I even enjoyed seeing yall pick an adventure to dabble in color. Asymmetrical silhouettes were shown n the delicate bows n oooh midi's which I love as a midi dress or skirt gives a little ooh la la is she gonna hike it up for a peep show or keep it coy!

While whimsical florals danced throughout the year there is one trend u heaux finally acknowledged ESP if ur over the age of Thirty Eight:






Now I've been on this trend most have just now been catching up to for years. Growing up the kitten was left for grannies in church n since then they've come a long way n quite stylish. I think many view it as the end of our youth but on the contrary my I'm not saying Vogue has been peeping my style...but I AM saying...these articles from Wall Street Journal and Glam are hip n sharing my signatures.

Now yall know I play no games when it comes to the Kitty Kommittee as we puuuurrrrr on these heaux who tip toe'n round cuz they feet hurting after 3 hrs of wear in those elongated stiletto's **cue evil laugh** I too used to suffer for the sake of beauty until I discovered a safer option n lesser heel. The part everyone might miss is HOW TO style em n make em ur own. Oh How?? Thought you'd never ask...

I love how u can make em casual with jeans as they add an extra oomph than flats n u won't even skip a beat. I can assure u during errand runs you'll stand out. I get compliments all the time when I dress em down cuz its unexpected.

The MAJOR key to pulling these off in the World of Kittens is the shape!! The vintage way is those slightly rounded almond shaped joints. the pointy-er the better. It gives such a sleek finish n so for me, they check the boxes. Pointy Kitts will also elongate ur legs. The intro into the Kommittee typically starts with a basic black bow'd kitten becuz u can test drive em from there.'ll get hooked from there.

My Kitties are mainly mules or slingback becuz this is where they keep u young n fresh-another key! Although I am bold with my steppers n go for color, I would definitely recommend in neutral colors to invest in esp since you'd get more usage. U can easily wear them with more looks n not look like u stepped out the office from the 80's.

The best part of these cuddly pairs is how u don't sacrifice ur style for comfort n I'm glad to see they are no longer questionable in the fashion world n I've been enjoying watching them sneak up on yall over the years. From streetstyle to the runway; u can find give em a whirl with loungewear n watch how they transform u from sleep walking to street steppin esp if u add structure with the look....liiiiiike a blazer!!

Kittens have come a long way n I've always been a tall girl but I've been so relieved from the pressures of stilts to complete the fit. Say what u want n laugh as u may but nothing is funny bout them ankles rollin n walking round in crutches to fancy us with chancing ur life to walk high lol.

However u choose to join the Kitty Kommittee...just know despite the tiny gestures they still make a bold statement piece in the wardrobe. These have been happy mediums since my discovery to keep the couture's "off duty sophisticated" so even ur off is still ON-puuuurrrr!!

Have yall tried the biggest trend of 2023 yet? Giving it whirl next year cuz the kitties ain't goin nowhere **paws up**

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