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2024: Year of Simplicity

Ever since I've ditched New Year Resolutions n come into having a yearly life has become more organized. Having a subject holds me accountable and keeps me on track to not entertain anything outside of the matter. I ponder my yearly theme near the holiday season as a forward thinker to figure out what do I want my year to look like. Looking back on losses n gains gives me an idea on a concept but also just paying attention to my evolution to see where I can adjust as needed. I am a lover of CHANGE!! It gives growth the ability to flourish within my life.

Previous Themes:

Personal development is absolutely important to me. Now that I've got a grip on being consistent n disciplined to the point of them becoming apart of my lifestyle; I'm always open to additions of bettering life. That could include incorporating a plant based diet into my servings, stepping UP Pilates from once to twice a week, never missing a daily walk, carving time to read vs social media/TV and investing more time into family n friends. These have been treasures I consider adding to my 2024 which brings me to the theme....

The Year of Simplicity

Yall...I do NOT wanna continue working hard. When I say this, it's not in the sense of just being lazy but moreso working smarter to not be overwhelmed becuz let's make no mistake here...u can't cheat the grind.

Becoming simple this year will be across many avenues of 'esse' (essential nature or essence) aka existence. I am one who's accumulated "all of the things" and now that I've been in purge mode, it's like...for what. I have nothing to prove to these heaux when I hit the streets n ur not gonna catch me outside lookin below the standards I uphold myself on. I wanna focus on quality vs quantity as I revamp my wardrobe cuz I'm a repeat offender lol.

How can I achieve my theme for the year will change as I go through the process. I've decided to do a LOW BUY so wish me luck cuz I gotta balance Nordstrom splurges n Mason heading into his Senior Year **cue horror scream** Aside from fashion; I'm also trying to figure out what simplicity looks like within my career n pondering if schooling will be involved for personal growth or professional gains.


So in this big age I am certain of who I am-truly n I don't need to parade it for attention nor seek validation to stamp what I already know about myself. My style will reflect this, my attitude will reflect this and the overall engagement will solidify this.

I don't wanna overthink or wait for the perfect moment. I wanna take advantage of opportunities that meet preparation.

THIS is the moment. THIS is the year!!

Simple yet effective is what 2024 shall bring for me-where rhythm is life and life is rhythm

-Warren G reference

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